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Who want become a director?

Hi! I want become a director and I want to know if there is some fellas want to become a director! Send me e-mails!

Wrong place to post this Miss White, this is the Pulp board fo sho. I would’ve posted this in the chat lounge.

i want to be a director

You’re off to a great start. You’ll be doing the lastest Troma masterpieces and pornos with Ron Jeremy in no time at this fast pace.

Im trying to be a filmmaker. I’ve been filming shorts here and there. Just trying to teach myself and finding my style. I think my stories are pretty good. Me and my friend write, shoot and edit it all together. I hope we’ll make it. At one time Seb and I were writing a script but cause of time differences we couldnt. I ended up finishing the structure on my own.

Hey Bullet, what did you say?!

[quote]Hey Bullet, what did you say?![/quote]

It wasn’t towards you, it was towards Geekite.

I might be a movie director. I’m going to be a film critic first, but maybe start making some silly B-Movies on the side.

at this point in my life, i would be willing to sell my soul to be a director. i already got accepted to one film school for next year and i have an interview lined up at another school, even though it seems like film school is an unpopular thing since QT did it all by himself.

Doubtfull I’ll ever be a director, but there’s always the next best thing. I’m a fairly good theater crew director (aka Stage Manager), and I might be Stage Manager for some shows up in Philly coming up in the next couple years. Basicly telling everyone what to do in a play/musical/anything in a theater/auditorioum light wise, sound wise, set wise, and just about everything else. It’s a complicated buisness…but it’s fun. And I’ve got some great connections. But you never know, anything could happan.

I want to be a director. RIght now I’m in undergrad studying right now, but hopefully I’ll get to go to a good grad school. Film schools cost so much, I don’t know whether to just try at get a job on sets or just struggling through it.


i mos def want to be a director…im in the middle of a script right now…and im such a damn perfectionist…and see the scenes a certain way…i would HAVE to be the one who directs my scripts…lol

I’m already a writer, currently negotiating the sale of one of my scripts (Grins proudly.) My plan is to write and work my way through film school, then simply make my movies. Easy as that…

If I were to be a director, it’d be like Takashi Miike who just makes films, even if the budget is low.

My budgets real low, I’m talking 30 $$

I much prefer acting, but i have done directing, well i was forced into it and believe you me it’s fucking stressing, at the end of the day you just wanna take a hissyfit and fire everyone.

well i still want to do it

[quote]well i still want to do it[/quote]

Have fun being a failure. :slight_smile:


Have fun being a failure.  :slight_smile:[/quote]

For every 99 failures there’s one success. You’re awfully negative.