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Which one did you prefer?

Which one did you like better, Planet Terror or Death Proof?

  • Planet Terror
  • Death Proof
  • Both were equal
  • Neither

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It’s not out here yet, and I’m intrigued as to what you thought.

I have to admit, while I was watching Planet Terror, I was just thinking about Death Proof. I liked Planet Terror but Death Proof was really why I was there. I doubt I’ll even buy PT on DVD if its sold separately from DP.

I think the reason I didnt love PT was because it was too paint by numbers for me and there really wasnt any character I loved. To me Rodriguez seemed like he was trying to be QT Jr. with his script and I just didnt like that aspect very much. I still like FDTD much more than PT.

I’m still split. I really like both of them a lot… I guess because I thought PT wasn’t going to be that good and it ended up passing my expectations. So I’ll stick with it as equal.

Theres already a thread

Theres already a thread

Where? If you mean the “Planet Terror or Death Proof?” thread (which you made), that one was made in November 2006 and asks “Which one do you want to see more?”. This thread asks “Which one did you like better”, made after the film has been released to see which one people liked more. They are completely different questions!!

I loved Death Proof. Its awesome but… I simply loved PT! It was funny, gross, exciting and many charaters are just fucking classic! To me it seemed as if QT had wrote it too. DP was wonderful but I love zombie type movies. DP reminded me a bit of QT’s Four Rooms segment if you know what I mean. There were not any really killer lines that I have come to expect from past efforts. There were some quips that were funny but not classic QT by any means. I’m a die hard QT fan but Im no fanboi, I call it like I sees 'em. The whole package was rated KickASS! but PT simply rules! El ray dodging the blood spray in the hospital makes me laugh everytime as does a dozen other scenes (dick drip! HAHAHHAHA!)

Come on people, give it up! PT deserves its props!

No wayyyy. This isnt about liking Death Proof cuz its QT, its because I honestly liked it better. If PT was that great, Id definitely say it. Its not anything that spectacular. Ive seen all that stuff before. QTs was unique to me and interested me more. Its not about which one is the more gory and action packed its about the whole mood/aura/style of the films. DP just had that special QT thing that I love.

They were both excellent movies, but to me, Death Proof was the better of the two…

I like thinking of Planet Terror as the sweet, slimey appetizer. It’s a load of fun to watch the movies and it has a couple of really good shots(Sickos outside of Sheriffs office, Hospital Hallway, and when the kid accidentally kills himself), but I found that there was no characters at all in PT that was worth mentioning.

Death Proof is the main coarse of a movie. It’s well paced, and each and every minute, your on the edge of your seat thinking of when Stuntman Mike is going to be evil. The characters are well-developed, and you actually can care for them. And then, BOOM! Stuntman Mike gives a little smirk to the camera, and you know whats gonna happen then, and the payoff is excellent. Then the second group comes in, a little slow I’ll admit, but oh well… and we get one of the greatest car chases of all time, and then an ending that will have you standing up in applause

The only character I really liked in DP was Stuntman Mike, whereas in PT there was Wray, Cherry, Sheriff Hague.

Both kicked ass, that’s all that matters.

I liked Death Proof more and I also thought about it when watching Planet Terror.

…I was just glad to see Earl McGraw in both films. Awesome!!

[quote]but I found that there was no characters at all in PT that was worth mentioning.[/quote]

WTF is all I can say! WTF!

I liked DP but it wasnt as awesome as PT imo, thats all. PT was full of so many great moments its hard to count. DP had two moments that were really cool and the rest was a little slow. Not bad, just a little slow. The dialog was sorta forced and not on par with toehr QT efforts. I still think QT must have written or at least re-written PT for Robert

All I can say is Sheriff Earl fucking McGraw.

[quote=“Knoxville Kingpin”]

WTF is all I can say! WTF!

El Wray’s death just made me shrug… I didn’t care about the dude

eh…at least he didn’t go down without a fight.

Geez, I shoudnt expect open minds I guess. Thats just fucking stupid. Stuntman mike was so cool for running over people then crying like a little girl, he made me care about him so much.

I think both characters were great myself but damn, I cant understand how anyone can’t come to terms with how good PT was. It took me a bit to admit it myself but its simply the better rounded movie.

Perhaps when the full version of DP is released the pacing will be better and I will change my mind.

[quote=“Knoxville Kingpin”]

I still think QT must have written or at least re-written PT for Robert

In the PT script there is actually a crucial part in which Robert writes “To be re-written by QT” or something of the sort. So yes, QT most certainly gave his contribution to some of the writing in PT, though I don’t know to what extent.

But, having QT write part of RR’s script…would that make him look bad in a way? As in…“I’m not the writer/director you thought I was afterall.”? LoL

It seems like Rodriguez got his entire writing style from QT. Only its not as good. It has moments, but its just RR doing his version of QT dialogue or something.

Death Proof is legendary mate!

What’s so bad about Robert writing a little QT-esque stuff, if anything I think it is working for him. I liked it. I wish Robert did more Sin City/Desperado/Planet Terror quality stuff.