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Which filmmaker's career do you wish you had?

If you could have the career of one filmmaker, who would you be? It’s that simple.

Would you want to make horror/zombie movies and be a George Romero? Make crime films and be a Scorsese? Jump all over the place and be a Spielberg? Just pick the career of the filmmaker you’d wish you’d have.

Spielberg cause he’s done everything (drama, horror, scifi, war, thriller, romance, comedy, adventure … )

I’m stuck on two:

Stanley Kubrick

The man’s movies were so daring and so good. The only reason I’m questioning it is he once spent 12 years between movies doing nothing. If I were making films, I could not do that. I’m too anxious I guess.

Richard Linklater

He has always done what he’s wanted to do and never thought twice. All of his movies are great. And recently he’s been getting really ballsy with “A Scanner Darkly” and the “Fast Food Nation” adaptation. The man does exactly what I wish I could do.

I would choose my own film career! :stuck_out_tongue:

QT - I’d love to possess his knowledge of film, which is near encyclopedic. Hasn’t made a weak film yet IMO

Scorsese - This guy reaches into the very depths of his soul to make his films. A maestro.

Kubrick - A true artist and GENIUS. I don’t think he has even made 20 films (has he?) and is legend. I could only pray to have half the talent he had.

I’d like to have a career like those directors like QT who start off with nothing and just make the coolest flicks using next-to-nothing for a budget and years later are respected by everyone and are successful and haven’t gotten arrogant or sucky in their craft over time… that would be cool.


Kubrick - A true artist and GENIUS. I don’t think he has even made 20 films (has he?)


12, absolutely stunning piece by piece

well, Quentin of course…but other than him, I guess it would be speilberg because of the many genres he covers, and even with age he doesn’t slow down the number of films he makes…like some directors (james cameron)

Nowadays I guess QT or Scorsese. 30-40 years before I’d maybe want to be Leone or Godard.

i wouldn’t want to have Uwe Boll’s career ;D

[quote=“Bad Max”]
i wouldn’t want to have Uwe Boll’s career ;D

Yes you would. It would be so easy, and he’s so damn lucky to get studios to let him keep directing. All his movies are based on videogames (not exaggerating, ALL OF THEM). An un-original bastard. Don’t just blame him though, for his crappy movies…blame the people that haven’t sent out an assassin for him yet.

Thats why i wouldn’t want to have his career :wink:

Don’t want to be killed and shit like that :frowning:

Why want one of their careers when you could tailor your very own, perfect one?