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What's Your Fav Volume?


Both 1 and 2 are cool. I’d like to choose volume 1 if I have to choose. The reason is that I saw something unnatural and unreal in volume 2, for example, the Kung fu of master was a little bit stiff.


Defintely vol.1. I love the last fight scene in the Japanese restaurant. Tarantino did a great job resurrecting the old japanese style of sword duel and the amount of blood in that movie is just unreal to the point of comedic. I just love to watch it sitiing on my sofa with my popcorn in one hand and cold beer in another.


[quote]A tough question, but I would have to say that Volume 1 steals a bit of Vol. 2’s thunder. It is a better film for casual viewing ( as someone pointed out already ) and it has various über-cool moments. Oh, and it has more katana-wielding madness [/quote]

i agree on that Volume 1 i like most



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