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Whats the most you've ever written ?!?!

here you can talk bout if you’ve ever completed or nearly completed a script !!

I have written about 5 pages of a script.

whats it called?

i’ve completed a 96 page script :smiley:

i have completed 2 scripts, one on a crazy SCHIZOPHRENIC writer and a movie set in the 50’s about a hotel owner helping all his guest (he listen to them in the attic through a whole bunch of pipes).

ps. to bad motha fucka - there is an edit button, isn’t there?

lol what ya mean?

don’t double post it’s a rule or something??

what ya mean lol!

it’s called Drive Me.

it’s a road movie about 3 guys that gets framed for a murder they didnt commit.

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It depends what you mean by completed. First draft wise the most ive ever written is around 140 pages. Polished and completed id say about 120.

Please don’t double post. I agree with Seb. One of you please change your avatars, ok.

om gi ave ages ago

My longest screenplay is 104 pages right now but I think it was

at around 120 or so when I finished the first draft.