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Whatever happened to

…Pumkin and HoneyBunny? Did Jules get through to them or are they still robbin’ liquor stores? I bet that Ringo wanted to make a difference in the world so got rid of his bitch and became an undercover cop.

This is entirely speculation, but I’ll give it a shot.  Considering that 5 years, or even 10 years of getting ass-raped in prison don’t change people, then I doubt Jules prophesying would either.  They’re probably still robbing random liquor stores or have moved on to coffee shops like they said they would.

Yeah, I’d say that’s about right. Pulp Fiction is all about redemption, but I don’t think HoneyBunny and Pumpkin were in that boat. I’m sure it made Pumpkin think, but I think they just kept on robbin

I think Honeybunny and Pumpkin are now evangelists with a local LA tv station, and have sworn off all sins, well almost, they occasionally skim off the top of donations sent into their show