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What year?

RD has a great timeless feel about it, it was evidently post-1980’s, but I would have preferred it to be set in the 1920’s. Obviously there would have to be some adjustments made to the script (like use of car phones, music…)

Does anyone else feel the same, about the year it was set in?

I’m glad it was the way it was. Why fix it if it ain’t broke.

I think it’s supposed to be 1992, the year it came out.

I think its fine the way it is…

Yeah i think the time is better the way it is

It would be interesting to see QT’s take on the 20’s, but I like my Dogs the way it comes.

Ya know, it would be interesting to see this is the 1920’s, 30’s or the era of the original Scarface. We could keep the music, because QT might do something as crazy as put music in that’s inappropriate for its time. We’re having an arguement right now about this for Inglorious Bastards. But yeah, besides the cell phone thing, this movie would be perfect for the 20’s or 30’s. It kind of feels like that era already, because the colors are so drained on my SE dvd, and it gives the movie “age.” ;D

A bank, train or any other kind of robbery sounds like it should be in another era- especially if technology isn’t used. RD being set almost a decade ago and seeing the characters plan failing your just left thinking “amateurs galore� if it were set in the 20’s/30’s I don’t think firstly I would have diss’ed the characters state of minds and plan ideas and there would have been more understanding for the overall idea.

By the way how stupid can you be to go back to an original plan when the first half of the plan has gone major wrong these men were suppose to be pro’s weren’t they?

I like the idea of QT making a 1930’s mob movie…

With characters like: capone, luciano, lansky, bugsy, schultz, lepke…it would kick arse!