What we haven't done in a long time


I tihnk Ify wrote pretty much everything. I also tend to prefer to discuss RD or PF more.

But what I think would be interesting, is not going again and again about influences, or it’d be a catalogue of all the references, which we discuss all the time on other topics. I think it’s time to go into deeper things we barely talk about, like a real directing discussion (shots, camera movements, aesthetic, montage, and all) or -as Ify said- his writing style and technics.

It’s a good opportunity to be more technical, and less like “oh I LOooOOve QT, blabla”, “this shot is a reference of blabla”, “he’s such a genius” blabla. It shouldn’t be an opinion marathon, but a real way to prove we’re real movies lovers and know how to talk more deeply about a movie and not stay a critic level.


I voted for True Romance,

I would like to see something on the screenplay and original scene order as QT wrote it. I re-edited it as best I could on VHS following the order stated by QT in the commentary. I believe the result is a much better movie that could have been as big as RD, or more so, and more intimate than PF had he directed the film himself. His original scene structure had the audience guessing for awhile as to what really happened and is more of a mystery and tragedy than the “fairy tale” that Scott made. I like TR as is, but I think it could have been great!


My second pick would be My Best Friend’s Birthday,

I think it would be interesting to meditate on what might have been and how far QT has come from his first try at film making. It might also be interesting to consider how the film might have turned out if he had done it after RD or even Pulp.

Third would be Natural Born Killers

I find it interesting to think of what QT’s vision was and how it could have affected his career had he directed it or if Stone had stayed closer to his script.


i voted but i think that we should look at his TV work and his tv aperrance’s


…i’m not sure what an xyz retrospective is but any celebration of a quentin tarantino picture is always welcome. pulp fiction’s is his ultimate masterpiece so i voted for it…


…i’m not sure what an xyz retrospective is

well per definition, a look back. but what we are gonna do exactly, isn’t sure yet. ideas are welcome