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What QT Film character are you most like?

My kids said I remind them of the guy Samuel L Jackson played in Pulp Fiction. Since I a white woman living amongst polygamists in Utah I certianly don’t see the connection. Has anyone ever said your like a character from a QT film?

Some say I have some traits of Vincent Vega.

For me, it’s Budd (Michael Madsen) from Kill Bill.

Pulp Fiction’s Lance.

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I’m quoting Beatrix all the time, but I really am feeling Soshanna… She just has a cool attitude that in my arrogance I relate to haha…

Definitely Beatrix Kiddo of Kill Bill.

I’d like to think I’m Jules Winnfield, people probably see me as Max Cherry, but in reality I’m Daisy Domergue.

I wish I had anybody say I remind them of him, but I would be a madcap if I emulated any of his characteristics. Lol, I would be a deadman. After all we know what happens to every pimp in this world. 2× back of the fucking head. Although my mother was an apache…