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What music are you currently listening to (part 5)


Paul McCartney - Coming Up


[quote=“Ordell Rodriguez”]Oh, not cool. I’m already depressed and now the killers flipping me two birds![/quote]

Jerry Lee Lewis loves you. He was just playing around. :wink:


Exile On Main St.


Maroon 5 - Hands All Over

A damn cool album.


Billy Joel - Angry Young Man


Washington - Sunday Best -

Sarah Blasko - All I Want -

Blue King Brown - Come and Check Your Head -


Fuck You - Cee Lo Green


“Why Should I Worry” by Billy Joel, from the animated film Oliver.

Billy Joel was a dog in that movie.

A sexy dog.



Baby Grand - a duet with Billy Joel and Ray Charles


I can’t help falling in love with you - Lick the Tins


There She Goes - The La’s O0


Paul McCartney and Wings - Jet


The never ending All Around The World - Oasis 8)


Some more Australian music I’ve been listening to. I know how Ordell likes recommendations.

Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition -

Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss -

Philadelphia Grand Jury - Save Our Town -


the West Ham United Hammertime podcast from a couple of weeks ago. These guys are OBSESSED.


Blu & Exile - ‘Cold Hearted’

I’ve been bumpin’ this shit non-stop for the last two weeks.

This one’s been a recent favorite as well…

Oh, and this here selection too, I suppose…

Alright, 'tis the last one I’m posting for now. I swear…

Okay, I just couldn’t possibly resist sharing this one w/ y’all…


Oh my damn… How on earth did I forget this defiant jewel?!

You’re welcome, citizens. O0


Nicki Minaj!! I love this bitch!! :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


Joy Division


The Kinks