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What is your IQ

Everyone gets to have fun being intelligent, learning how to use it musically, creatively and so on. I was intelligent as a kid (131IQ at age nine, no bullshit) but after doing a bunch of drugs and dropping outta high school it dropped down to about 102 after a clinical test proved me to be quite the retard.

Google high IQ society and you’ll find a couple tests worth a few minutes of your time. On the harder one (which I took first to ace the easy one) I scored 105. And on the easy one I got 118.

Did you know that Asia Carrera is a member of Mensa? :o

The pornstar?

“Thats Hot!”

-Paris Hilton

IQ tests are so badly flawed that they prove almost nothing.

I’ve taken a real one not an internet piss test and my IQ is 126 :slight_smile:

Thank you ritalin.

IQ tests are so badly flawed that they prove almost nothing.

That’s almost true.

First IQ tests on the internet prove absolutly NOTHING. When it comes to a real one, then it’s more serious. BUt only long test with very precise time to answer are to take seriously. Plus I’ve made myself an IQ test younger, and doctors told me so : it only works when you’re a kid, after 8 or 9, you don’t take it seriously or too seriously and then try to get the highest IQ and the test is then wrong. You mustn’t think while the test, it has to be natural, which can only be true when you’re a kid cause you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s only a matter of logic and in no way a matter of concentration to get the highest IQ.

It’s also depends if you’re nervous, tired the day you’re taking it.

So basically, not much people must have filled the whole criterium to have a true IQ. Then it’s often bullsh#t.

How and why did you take that test Max?

I´ve only done a test at :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve taken mine for school to skip one year (didn’t skip it in the end, didn’t want to).

[quote=“Crazy_Hattori”] <~ I couldn’t even finish this fucking video.

My IQ is around 120 or so. Been awhile since I’ve taken one. Last time I took it, my girlfriend was totally pissed at me because I got a better score than her. -women…

Good good. So i’m not looked down upon here for having an average IQ.

It’s simple, I’m pretentious to compensate for a lack thereof.

[quote]Did you know that Asia Carrera is a member of Mensa?[/quote]

She’s also a fan of Ministry :smiley:

I have no idea how high my IQ is but I can’t be that stupid because I start to study at the university this year. :smiley:

mine was one notch above George bush and then, i was attacked by a spider and became even more FckD up, went to the hospital and was conducted an excorsim upon…Now I live and breath without eating food and my brains are alot more scrambled, and my boyfriends is eating them for breakfast laced with Gmos and pesticieds…its about 111 now, the I Q…

My IQ is 98 - Average Intelligence

Try this: