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What independent film studio should i go too

I have this idea for this movie called “Grab the Cash and Go” Its going to be about these group of gangsters that rob this bank and then held everyone hostage in the bank for a little bit until little later on in the movie there was this cop and he was the Chief of the NYPD and when he got up and tried to shoot them and one of the guys shot him in the head and then someone pulled the alarm so the grabed all the cash and then drove away and they then hid in one of guys mother’s basement since she is a crazy women also. So the story goes from planning the bank heist then robbing it and keeping everyone hostage then shooing a chief of the NYPD so then they are trying to figure out what to do since they are in deep shit but not worring too much since his mother lives in the country. So what happens is they are eating dinner and while watching the news and the find out that they killed a chief police men. So they suddenly hear something and they sneak outside and they see this cop taking a piss near the house so the leader has an idea too take him and hold him hostage to get answers out of them so what happens is they cop isnt talking so then there boss calls and they have to talk to him somewhere in the country where no one sees them and the son of the mother that they are staying has to watch over the cop so then he starts to torcher him and acting like he is doing stand up comedy while torchering him and then he kills them. So in the end they throw the body out by this river and when the cops are searching they see him and then they track them down in the house and so all the cops start busting in the house and the mother starts shooting them with a double barrel shotgun but then one of the cops shoots the mother in the face and the son gets furious and runs up and starts to go crazy then he dies and the rest of the guys sneak out of the basement and then they change they’re idenitys so what happens is they’re back in new york and they see the bank that they robbed so they go back in it and try to get some money and the leader of the group walked up and said Hey suger cups why dont you get me some money and she reconized that voice, that line and kind of the face but not completly sinc they got it changed and also he said that last time while robbing the bank and so since she knows that they didnt get arrested she waiting for them to leave then called the police and told them to follow them and they got the lisence plate so the the gangsters went to go see there boss to talk to them again so while they where talking the cops busted in and theres was this big fight in there bosses living room and in the end all the all the gangsters died. That isnt the whole thing that is just the basic plot

This is my first idea the i want to make into a movie and i what i was planning on is bringing into a independent studio but the only one i can think of is Troma but what other ones is good for me too start out with because i dont want to go to like universal i just want to go into a low buget independent film studio to start out with. So please if u guys know, name some more independent film studios.

You may have to tell us where your from…

It seems to me an idea/one really big paragraph, isn’t enough to take to

any kind of studio. Have you written a script, treatment or at least a lognline?


Yeah dude you need to make a script, tell it to a Screenwriter, tell it to some studio they’ll just laugh at you. Think McFly! Think! Sorry, just finished watching that movie can’t stop saying that. Hello?! Hello?! Anybody home?!

This whole topic seems like a joke. Delete it.

The topic’s not really a joke. Let’s say you live in the states and you do have a screenplay. What legit independent film studios are out there to do you justice?

Hell, that’s why I looked at the fucking topic in the first place. >:(

I have to agree with WeaselCo, this topic is stupid. You can’t tell a studio a story and expect them to say, OK. We’ll turn it into a movie.

Yeah, you do need a querey (sp) letter. But There is also the ‘pitch’.

The answer is none. First you need a script, not just an idea and second a studio that is of any moderate size will just through away your script unless you have an agent. They won’t accept an “unsolicited” script. Seeing that the writer has an agent I guess shows that someone else likes the writer’s work.

independent film studio…why dont you just make the film yourself, then it really would be independent! I live in Australia and a guy just made a film for $3000 and he didnt even finish it to film, he got it picked up and then they finished it and now it got a cinema release. $3000 Australian is like around $2000 American. Not really that much for a film. It’s called The Magician btw and the premise is like Man Bites Dog except that he aint a serial killer, he’s a hitman. It is actually really good. If you have a water-tight script and you really believe in it, $3000 aint really that much to put your money where your mouth is.