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What gifts did blonde get in the jail?

so, what do you think he get?

i guess, some cigarettes and playboys :wink:

(if all that’s possible)

[quote]so, what do you think he get?

i guess, some cigarettes and playboys :wink:

(if all that’s possible)[/quote]

I’d imagine some of that. Also, maybe drugs, weapons, etc. to help him make a little bit of money and some friends on the inside. Just a theory.

The everyday luxuries you don’t get in Jail.

A golden vibrator

porno and cigarettes? i don’t think so

[quote]porno and cigarettes? i don’t think so[/quote]

What do you think then?

maybe food

Oh, I kind of figured food, yeah. “Packages” suggests that kind of thing. Maybe some “reading material”, things to keep him occupied… I mean, it’s not like he was arrested for killing someone… just being found in a warehouse full of stolen stuff.

A little rock hammer and posters of various sizes:

For him to start digging a major tunnel which would take him years to make and the debris from this he releases into the prison playground through his trousers as not to raise suspicion. As the hole eventually gets bigger and bigger, he has to use different posters to cover the hole depending on the size! When he has finally done, he would crawl through it, bang on the prison pipes everytime the lightening strikes and eventually have to swim through the sewage sytem, thereafter reaching a nice clean lake made by the ever-present rain so he can take his shirt off and raise his hands towards the sky and eventually meet up with Jules Winfield who has escaped the life of a gangster and decided to walk the Earth whilst passing his time by messing around with his boat… Just a theory!!

lol… strangely enough that sounds familiar… think… think… :stuck_out_tongue: