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What Film School should I go to?

Hey my goal in life is to become a director and I was wondering what film school should I go to. I’m only a Sophmore in High school but my parents are weird and they want me to choose a collage now. My school has a video class. Last year we had a film festival and I made a horror movie based on the slasher genre. It had a Sergio Leone kind of felling with the camera shots and sound and i had quentin Tarantino type of violence in it and the Shining type of music with a 60s type of picture look. I didnt get the main big first place some dumb skateboarding video with punk rock music won because people are stupid at my school. But ANYWAYS sorry for saying that long thing about my movie i made LAST YEAR my mom and dad want me to choose a college and I was wondering not my parents I was wondering what classes i should take.

Or… perhaps the other video won because, get this: it was better.

if you arent really creative or have any ideas…don;t go to filmschool…

maybe your movie wasnt understood because you have really ignorant stupid mofo’s at your school…thqan just go for it…worse people have made it…

Or… perhaps the other video won because, get this: it was better.

hahahahahaha lmfao

although skateboarding videos do tend to suck alot of arse and him being in high school and the fact that i went through high school and had to put up with films like that makes me think it was probably because his school is filled with stupid fucktards…my school is very much the same…

This is going to be a long post but please read it because i want you guys to know everything about it.

Trust me my school is really pathetic. You dont realize where i come from. My whole life i lived in a preppy conservative rich little city. The kids in my school are real preppy and the last movie i saw in the theater was Cinderella Man and when i left the theater there were these kids that are in my grade ones in my english the others in gym with me and the other one i know but isnt in any classes. They all live where i live so you are going to have to remember that where i live is preppy. They asked my friend and I what we saw and we said Cinderella man and they just laughed and their direct word was “are you serious” So i asked them what they saw and they said Herbie. Almost all the kids in my school are like that because its a preppy school and city. My friends and I and a few other people that i know like good movies. My history teacher likes me because i know so much about movies for my age. I was only 15 when this happened. I’m now 16. I told him i knew who Sergio Leone was and Sam Peckinpah and Howard Hawks and alot more and he was suprised because he knows that kids are stupid in my school and me and him just bonded because we always like the same movies. After class i always tell him that i saw Sergio Leone’s Once upon a time in america or Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch, Howard Hawk’s Original Scarface. and Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables. Also the teachers watch the movies and my history teacher was mad that i didnt win. Mine was the most artistic and creative movie in there. I had the best story out off all of them some of the movies didnt even make sense I had great camera shots. The scenes where just the craziest and cooliest scenes ever and the music was just amazing. I had great settings for my movie also. Everything about it was better also i was the only one that had a great realistic long intro credits. Here are the 3 that won.

1st place: 360, all it was about where people skateboarding in the skatepark next to my school and then near the big bear where i live. The soundtrack was Greenday, The offsprings, Simple Plan, Avril Lavine.

2nd place: Paco, about a mexican guy (played by an American) and his sidekick Hugo (played by an american) must train to play basketball and go against these big american basketball players. Lets see the camera was not only shacky but when they shot the basket and then cut it to show the ball going in the basket you see someones arm throwing it in. No music at all until they where training then they had Rocky music in it while they where training. It was supposed to be funny but it was the most immature and child like humor on earth.

3rd: Bloody Valintine: It was a music video based off the song from Good Charlotte. It had the exact song in the backround and the two kids, one was a guy and one was a girl where acting like they were all depressed and his girlfriend dumped him.

Like i said at top this was a long post but i just wanted you guys to know that i’m probably one of the smartest people to know about film in my school because i seen and heard what alot people watched and what they liked and hated.

you’re modest, too.

You should link up your video on here, i want to see it now.

you’re modest, too.


haha, he’s got it all

actually if you think you’re talented. just save some bucks and make a good short film. but it in an envelope and mail it to every film festival there is. if they think that you’re talented, too, they show it.

fuck film school. film schools are expensive and only a small percentage of film school students actually manage to make a living as a director afterwards. or consider Roland Emmerich, he was refused at the film school in Munich (where i also tried to apply) and now he makes billions.

bottom line: if you want to be a director, be one, and make a movie. dont waste time asking for film schools, get a job, save money for equipment and write a good script, then make your film, that’s all…

and when you’re done show it here, i am curious

i just wanted you guys to know that i’m probably one of the smartest people to know about film in my school because i seen and heard what alot people watched and what they liked and hated.

You know, the more time you spend on the internet, you eventually are able to tell how smart someone is by the way and what they post.

Ehhhhh :-</E>

JC what does that suppose to mean. You dont really know how i am in person and you havn’t seen where i came from and who the people from the school are. I’m very smart about movies for my age. I’ve been like this since middle school and it keeps on expanding. I bet you if you came down to where i’m from and talked to most of the people about movies most of the kids will say shitty movies that are horrible then you talk to me and you’ll be suprised. In history last year we were studying the map of africa and we were trying to find a way to remember the countries easier. So when Sierra Leone came across i just yelled out SERGIO LEONE and my history teacher just said “Your the only one in this class that knows who Sergio Leone is” and i said to the class have you heard off The Good, the bad, and the Ugly, Fist full of dollars, For a few dollars more, Once upon a time in the west. For every single movie they said no we dont know who the director is and what the movies are.

i dont go around telling people i am one of the smartest people i know and i have been watching films like that since lower primary school. I been watching sexploitation films and arthouse films since upper primary. People are on this forum because they love film. You may be the smartest in your school. But it definitely dont mean you the smartest here, so stop telling us how much you know compared to random Hollywood babies.

Why dont you go and post on the forum and show us how much you really like films by participating in one of the many topics on this forum cause everyone here has had to deal with what you are talking about or is dealing with it now. You arent the only one that went to a school where no one cared much for films.

Hey Angel if your who I think you are I remember a time when you thought sexploitation films were sick…

i didnt think they were sick, i just didnt llike things such as incest and necrophilia in films as much as i do now. I used to watch a lot of average sexploitation films. Now i have developed a taste for the sexually perverse

Well yeah your taste in film has matured somewhat, just remember who was appreciating necrophilia and films like angle heart before you…

Sorrow is a fine wine my friend

i wouldnt go so far as to say matured, just changed. because i watched mature films before, but now i have delved deeper into other films of different styles or at least appreciated films i had already seen for other reasons because my mind has grown darker and sicker

Oh fuck off.ÂÂ

I’m sick and tired of people trying to find a basis for intelligence on something so subjective such as taste in films.ÂÂ

By the description of your movie, it sounds like a classic case of, "pretentious, depressed teenager filled with too much angst, giving his creative side a go." "Crazy camera shots." Oh god. Don’t even get me started. Let me assure you that, no camera angles or camera shots are “crazy” or even original anymore. Let me guess, did one of your ‘crazy shots’ include you filming the reflection of a person in a mirror? Don’t answer that, it doesn’t even matter.

SIDENOTE: The music selection for that skateboarder video you hate so much seems like a reasonable selection to me. Why are you ragging on someone who puts GREENDAY music in a SKATEBOARDING video?  Do you think Beethoven’s 5th symphony would’ve accompanied a bunch of punks skateboarding better? Or a jazz trumpet solo?ÂÂ

It sounds to me that you have this ‘knowledge’ about all these films for all the wrong reasons. You just seem to be so eager to scream from roof tops, "I KNOW WHO SERGIO LEONE IS!" Why do you care that you know who he is? Just so you can tell other people, "hey, this is who I know, therefore I must have an great taste in movies!" I never heard of Sergio Leone, prior to reading your post. Oh shit, does that nullify everything I just said?

Yet you want to goto Film School. The first thing you need to wake up and realize is: the people you’re bashing (the general public), are the same people you are trying to get to go see your movie.

i never said that

Yet you want to goto Film School. The first thing you need to wake up and realize is: the people you’re bashing (the general public), are the same people you are trying to get to go see your movie.