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What famous people do you share a birthday with?

Hey guys.

A little while ago I was reading a book for my Cuban History class and I realized that me and Fidel Castro share a birthday, but exactly 60 years apart.

I was just wondering, what famous people do you share a birthday with, and if you had to share a birthday party with one of them, who would it be?

Mine are (August 13th)…


Alfred Hitchcock,

Annie Oakley

And I’d definitely share my birthday with Fidel. I’d love to meet him!

Iggy Pop, Jerry Only from the Misfits and Brandon Steineckert from Rancid. So I could form an all-star punk band where all the members share the same birthday: me on guitar, Iggy on vocals, Jerry on bass and Brandon on drums 8)

20th march is the Barbie doll day, and Spike Lee/Holy Hunter birthday… Not too much people but so funny about Barbie, ahah.

March 24th:

Alyson Hannigan

Meiko Kaji

That’s all I know.

EDIT: Oh, and this year Easter is on March 24th too. :wink:

Always knew about these guys:

Dolly Parton

Edgar Allan Poe

Janis Joplin

Antoine Fuqua

Katey Sagal

David Patrick Kelly

Robert Palmer

Tippi Hedren

Paul Rodriguez

Richard Lester

Christine Tucci

Shawn Wayans

Michael Crawford

Junior Seau (Football player)

Found out today about:

Robert E. Lee

Larry Clark :o

Jean Stapleton

Rod Evans (Deep Purple)

Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul)

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

Frank Caliendo

Katharina Thalbach-Cool! I like her daughter :-*

…And a bunch of athletes who’s sport I never watch.

18 september (only one I know is -)

Fellow Swede, Greta Garbo :slight_smile:

June 30th

Mike Tyson…booyaa

24th of August

Vince McMahon

Reggie Miller

I know there are more, but I’ve forgotten them.

Nobody beats mine.

Peter fucking Sellers 8)

Nobody beats mine.

Peter fucking Sellers 8)
Who’s that? ???

Matthew McConaughey

Walter Cronkite

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs

Martin Brozius

Humphrey Davis

Will Rogers

Luis Figo

Ralph Macchio (THE KARATE KID!!) I know, its bad ass :stuck_out_tongue:

Matthew McConaughey[/quote]
Wow, you’re so lucky! :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Eastern Beauty”]
Who’s that? ???

The PCD’s manager.

From wikipedia: Peter Sellers […] first man on the cover of Playboy.

Interesting… :smiley:

Peter Sellers is one of the funniest and weirdest cats that ever walked on this planet.

July 24th

Jennifer Lopez

Torrie Wilson

Anna Paquin

Lynda Carter

Summer Glau

Gus Van Sant

Karl Malone

Al Lowe


Leonardo DiCaprio

Demi Moore

[quote=“Eastern Beauty”]
From wikipedia: Peter Sellers […] first man on the cover of Playboy.

Interesting… :smiley:

Don’t expect him to be sexy, he is not. Google him if you wanna see pics.

Gary Coleman

Pauley Shore

David Spade

Paris Hilton

[quote=“PT Anderson”]
Gary Coleman - "if your mamma’s pussy was white I’d eat it"

Pauley Shore - "I’m a no-talent jack-off"

David Spade - "I’m a bald no-talent jack-off"

Paris Hilton - WHORE

you should be proud!