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What do you think?

What do you generally think about Screenplays being published on paperback? Nice thing for fans? Commercial shit? Useless? Do you like paperback scripts? Do you also buy them of non-tarantino films?

I print them off the Internet so they look more real and offcial. I only have Tarantino ones so far but I would like to expand my horizons. However, because Quentin is the best at writing dialogue his are the only ones that I thik would be very interesting!

only script i ever printed out was Taxi Driver cause its just so geniusly written

i think nothing is useless and paperback scripts and both nice and ofcourse for commercial use, but why use it as commercial use when nobody buys it right? somebodys gotta like it, i could picture a lot of people buying them like we buy dvds, tons and tons of them

I buy some, but print more from the internet.

I like to have the scripts, because we can often see deleted scenes, or some details which are then cut in the movies. And it’s quite helpfull to see how someone who knows him well in this, writtes screenplays.

I do read some from Internet, because it’s free…but the pleasure of holding a paperback is something I’m glad to pay for. Owning the screenplay is like owning the soundtrack, it opens your heart a little wider to a movie. In my opinion.