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What do you like most about quentin

is it his acting his directing his writting his attitude whats your pick i like his writing its excellent

I think QTs gift is his writing ability. He can write so great. Hes our generations Elmore Leonard. His stuff is so great, he could write something for any hack director and the film would rock.

I really hope he doesnt let the first draft of Inglorious Bastards get out, because Im gonna have a hard time staying away from it.

What I appreciate most about QT is his utter enthusiasm for the medium. He loves movies, and his own movies are born of his overwhelming passion for the cinema. Of course, his writing is excellent as well - not only is the dialogue witty and creative, but the stories are interesting as well. QT understands that movies are about stories, and he lets his plots unfold and become more developed as the movie goes on. He’s a classicist that way, but he’s also on the cutting edge (or at least was, back in '94) of innovative moviemaking.

[quote]he’s also on the cutting edge (or at least was, back in '94) of innovative moviemaking.[/quote]

I dont see them as “innovative” really. I associate that word with technological advances or something. The way he changed modern movies the most I think is how he presented his own films as cinematic novels. And of course his dialogue style. But thats just his way of telling his stories. Like we discussed in the other thread, QT isnt the first to do that. I think what he really did was show people that you can tell cinematic stories in the novelistic way and have it be more resonant. Instead of just the standard A B C storyline, you can also do D A C B as well.

But he’s definitely influencing pop cinema/culture with his personality and distinct tastes, no doubt about that.

hes directing skills are great too but i must say the writing is fucking shakespear he aint dat bad of an actor i liked jimmy and mr brown hehehe they were so cool

I think he’s an amazing screenwriter, and I love that he seems to genuinelly love film and cinema and isn’t just punching out films for the sake of “filling his pool.” And at the same time, he seems to also love the perks of being a writer/director/actor, instead of trying to be so pretencious and above all of that.

I love how madly enthusiastic is about being a director and writing scripts and just watching film’s in general. He loves it so much.

Well I like his taste in movies (CULT CLASSICS), I love his movies there always great to watch :smiley: and i like it when he acts, when he puts that shy voice on, I especially like him in From Dusk Til Dawn ::slight_smile:

Donna :-*

his chin :stuck_out_tongue:

his creativity in his writing

he creates memorable characters, funny dialouge

great director

the Rocky of Hollywood(a video store clerk becomes a director)

in the movies he writes you never gte bored his dialouge is so terrific and funny and sometimes disturbing that it makes you always wanna hear more and more

His passion, creativity and having the balls to experiment with new genres are his greatest traits, and the fact that he only does movies that he wants to see without giving a shit about the mainstream audience.