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What do you collect except dvd's?

I collect CD’s and I used to collect Spider-man comics, but im gonna try and sell them ASAP.

What i’d like to collect is film prints, tapes and records (LP).

I collect guitars and old tube-amplifiers.

I collect Michigan football items, cool movie posters, Michael Jordan basketball cards, comic books, and action figures (fuck it I mean toys).

Man, collecting dvds takes away all my money. But I am heavily into video games and Japanese pop idols.

Japanese pop idols.

and those other idols too, am I right? ;D

But yeah, movies take all my money too. Doesn’t leave much for anything else except an occational Ueto Aya fan product…

i collect film posters, videotapes, LPs, 16mm prints and comic books

VHS and comics.


cool, which series are you reading?

Current ones are: World War Hulk, Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness, Wolverine Origins and regular Wolverine. I used to read alot of Amazing Spider-Man, especially since Straczynski took over writing duties.

[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
I collect guitars and old tube-amplifiers.
I buy that for a dollar! what kind of guitars Gibsons, fenders?

I pretty much collect dvds.

the zombies vs army of darkness is a lot of fun. i read one issue related to world war hulk since i’m reading the new serie of ghost rider. hands down my fav now is the immortal iron fist serie.


Right on! Do you have a list?

I collect DVDs and ANYTHING Super Mario.

[quote=“Hung Fist”]
and those other idols too, am I right? ;D

cough I don’t know what you are talking about… :angel:

I collect Michigan football items

Go to hell. O-S-U! O-S-U!

Did collect VHS but most of it’s already been upgraded to DVD.

Various magazines count? Got a closet full of 'em.

I used to collect comic books, but I haven’t bought any since last summer, sadly.

I collect items from my victims’ homes. NO…but seriously…I read that the BTK killer even took a cerial box from one of his victim’s homes - how creepy is that?

Maybe he had just run out of his own cereals? :wink:

The documentary that I watched said that he had all kinds of shit from his victims. When he would write letters to the Police he would prove that he was the real BTK by telling them about certain things that he took - At the end he began leaving things like the cerial boxes in public places with notes - it was as if he was ready to be caught. Kind of gives the term Cerial Killer a new meaning!

It puts the cereal in the bowl