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Wes Craven

I was watching “Cursed” last night and wondered. Is Wes Craven loosing his touch in his old age. Here he had werewolves, Baker on special effects and even Scott Baio and he couldn’t make a decent movie. Baio should have been the clue.

Of course we have his classics,

Last house on the left

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Hills Have Eyes

The Serpent and the Rainbow

Twillight Zone

More currently, there was the Scream trilogy and Red Eye. Never saw Red Eye, don’t know how good or bad it was on screen

I know we all have wins and misses, but Craven just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Are studio’s just banking on his name and not his quality anymore. A Nightmare on Elm Street was a masterpiece of horror. I’m looking for something along those lines again.

Will he ever make it there again???

weel, bout Cursed, don´t forget, that Wes told everyone, that he hates the cut!

It was not his own cut. So we do not know what his own cut would be… Anyway, I found it a “funny, go and drink beer when you see it movie”

And he definatly can be better…

Wes lost his touch a long time ago, New Nightmare was his last great film

You losers. Cursed was just a fun movie. Same with the Screams. Where as Last House on the Left was just sick low budget filth. And I enjoy sick low budget filth as much as the next guy but that film has no redeeming qualities.