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It will forever remain a mystery. Welcome on board!

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Hey guys,

My name is Mubashir, and I am from India. Big fan of Tarantino and have seen Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs like a million times (ok that’s an exaggeration). Looking forward to connecting with you all.


Glad to have you on board!

Hey …clearly Im a huge QT fan …like everyoe else here. Just introducing myself amd checking s**t out…so hey! Salutations!


Hi everyone, my name is Mark and I just want to say I’m really happy to be joining this really cool community. I had no idea such a cool network existed! None of my friends really have the same passion for movies the way I do, so I can’t express enough how happy I am to have come across this site. About a year ago, I became a huge QT fan, and I have watched all of his directed films. I still have to watch the few that he wrote but did not direct, and those movies are of course on my watchlist. My favorite film of his is Kill Bill Vol. 2. Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about starting a youtube channel where I’d conduct video essays to analyze films. I’m hoping to get it started in the next month. The first video will most likely be on the underrated aspects of Inglorious Basterds. My other favorite directors include Scorsese, Kubrick, Aronofsky and Alex Garland
Looking forward to meeting and interacting with all of you on this really unique and special social network!

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Good Morning Everybody! My name is Marcello Garofalo. I’m a journalist, cinema critic, and curator of Exhibits. I have published several books: the 1st one is “Once Upon a Time in America-Photographic Memories” (1988); Last one is a novel, a horror comedy “The Sizzling Nights of the Diabolical Dr.Carelli” (2017) . My favourite director is QT, since at the Cannes Film Festival I watched the premiere (it was late in the night!) of “Reservoir Dogs”. Rumors there said to keep our eyes peeled on this movie directed by a young new talented director; they said he was a pupil of Monte Hellman. They were absolutely f… right. From then this young director has directed only masterpieces! Happy to be part of this community!


Welcome! Interesting to have an official film critic - AND Tarantino fanatic - on this forum!

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I’m proud to be part of this forum, plus I believe that every film critic that really knows his job and that has seen hundred and hundred of movies, has to love necessarily the Tarantino’s movies because they are the CINEMA !

Hi there, I’m Jim. I’m a writer. QT is a huge influence on me as a writer and True Romance is by far one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m writing more fiction (working on my first novel ) and QT’s visual aesthetic, as well as his dialogue, are really helping me out.

I think I’ve seen every interview QT has ever done (that is available), and I always find his energy for the craft is infectious. It always gives me a little extra boost to go create.

So great to be on here and meet other QT fans!

If anyone here is interested in writing, I’d love to chat!


Technically not new, but haven’t been around in about a decade! I lost some love for Tarantino over the years as I wasn’t mad on Basterds (wished it had been purely been a men on a mission film it had originally been conceived or a revenge film the two together felt like a mish-mash of different genres that didn’t quite work), and neither Django or Eight impressed me (particularly the latter, felt far too self-indulgent).

However, Once upon a time in Hollywood has grabbed me. I don’t know what it is, but I’m really excited about it (although I’m trying to exercise cautiousness!).

So here I am :slight_smile: Hope everyone is well.

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Hey you cool vibe people. My name is Max.

I’m a young 18 year old kid with huge interest in film. I’m a huge fan, and Tarantino has a place in my most holy renks… I love his work, Kill Bill (1&2) and Inglorious Basterds are by far my favorites, also right now generally my favorite films…

What other can I say, I love good music, I love imagining bloody hell good stories myself, having a blast from the great material I am given, and reimagining it.

Appart from really being invested in Tarantino style stories, I love sci-fi, romances are the best and I am really eager to work in film one day perhaps making props or writing my own scripts…

I’m just having the best time right now, but I gotta write Mr.Tarantino a letter! BTW, I cannot wait for Once upon a time in Hollywood!!! Please excuse my lousy english, I’m working on it…

Can’t wait for what the future holds, let it be number 10 please!

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I have a love / hate relationship with Tarantino films but his recent contribution, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, pushed me over the edge - I wanted to find a space to talk about it and this forum was the first to populate my browser.

Films I loved: Once Upon a Time, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Django, Pulp Fiction, inglorious Bastards
Films that disappointed me: Kill Bill, The Hateful 8, Four Rooms

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Hi there, I’m JP from Bristol, England. I work in the music industry. I’ll be seeing Once Upon A Time In Hollywood when it’s released here in 3 day’s time. My expectations are high, however I’m sure I won’t be disappointed! Thanks for having me.

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Just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I’m Raymond and I’m a fan of movies made by Quentin Tarantino and David Fincher. I’m happy to be part of this community.

welcome Ray! Enjoy your time around

Brian Wilson here - no, not THAT Brian Wilson. But, yes, I get asked about my name every single day. Every. Day. I’m in Atlanta but am not from here - grew up in Oklahoma, went to college in North Carolina and Florida, lived in Tennessee, and finally found myself in the ATL. Been a QT fan for a long time and it’s nice to find a spot with fellow fans. I love everything about his movies and am a big movie fan in general. Happy to be here :slight_smile:

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You can call me by my christian name. Tron.

Well, I’m a mushroom cloud-laying motherfucker, motherfucker! Everytime my hands touch brain, I’m SUPERFLY T.N.T.! I’m THE GUNS OF THE NAVARONES!!


Hello QT, I am Mike Presley. I am health care lawyer and am in the process of finishing my MBA from Johns Hopkins. I joined the forum to express my appreciation of your most recent film, “Once upon a time in Hollywood…” Its was very well down and I especially enjoyed the subtleties of the film, like the picture of an angelic woman that was hung on the wall behind Margot Robbie in what apparently was her bedroom. (I noticed it because you focused on it for several seconds after she left the scene.) Nice Job. I watched the film more than a dozen times now and can see more and more of these expressions throughout the film. The implications of your film is very telling. I wonder if there is a name for this type of film making? Thanks. MP

Steve here, Loved PF when I saw it in 94 (?), knocked me out. Same feeling with OUTIH, great flick. He’s got the mojo back after the last several gore and guts outings / revenge movies. It’s the story telling within the story that’s key ****

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Howdy! My name is Mark Lungo and I joined this forum just a few minutes ago. I’m a fan of all kinds of pop culture coolness. I admit I’ve seen only three of QT’s films all the way through (Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), but they’re all extraordinary, and I’m looking forward to catching up with his other movies.

P.S. Am I allowed to mention something I’ve published?

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