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hi out there.

if any of you are good with making web banners, we could need some.

they can be: kill bill themed, pulp themed, or any other QT movie.

text on the banner: (and/or, The Quentin Tarantino Archives

size: max 468 pixels width, max 60 pixels height

please no bigger than 15k in filesize if possible.

png, jpg or gif are welcome

you can post them here, or send them to me (email)

C´mon guys.

Is there really noone out there, who can make some fine new banners for the board?

Seb is really buzy with working on the site and it would be nice to help him out.

So many of you are talented when it comes to makes such stuff, so just give it a try…

We need to link to this site from other boards, cuz after the server change and such, we are not anymore number one in google, no one finds us.

So, we need some new good banners…

Something like this? :-</E>

Yep, something like that!

IMO the best thing would be to have banners of


  • []every single QT movie
  • []include some of his movies
  • [/list]
  • [*]about the man himself
  • [/list]
    Than Seb can renew the Banner site.
    Maybe some people of this board will use the banner on other boards. That would be great. After the server changing we lost our google place! We were the first board shown up after searching for Tarantiono and now? :'( :'( :'(
    So, we just need some help from our member to come back..

    Jackie Brown one:

    Well, the quality isn’t that good. The filesize is already 30k now, if I make the quality better it will be bigger.


    Our board rules say: 70 pixels of height and 450 pixels width

    So the banners can be a little bigger. I´m not sure, why the admin posted an other size in his first post, I will ask him. But i´m sure this 70 x 450 would be perfect…

    And thanx again for your help!

    hehehehe, I hope some other guys will start now making some too…

    Your welcome :slight_smile:

    We definatly need 2 -3 banners of every movie!

    And ResDog would be great, cuz I LOVE this movie so much…

    Reservoir Dogs, WITH Mr. Blue ;D

    Hey thanx, cool work.

    Im not good at this, but here you go:

    Tarantino “join the family” banner

    Hey, thanx finally 2 guys who help us out with some banners. I dig the last one :smiley:

    I’d like one WITHOUT the

    1. there is no “.com” if you haven’t noticed already
    2. the entire point of a banner is to show people what the banner is for, so “” is the MOST IMPORTANT text on the banner actually. or at least “tarantino archives”.

      you’re free to make whatever banner you like ;_)

    Another Kill Bill, sorry, but I love that movie :stuck_out_tongue:

    ^you’ve got some nice one’s man