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Warehouse info and pictures

Ok Ive looked everywhere to find pics of the mortuary where the film was shot. I want to see the place before and during the filming. Im a funeral director myself and the actual building interests me a lot. I want to find the name of the place and possibly learn a bit about it. AnyBODY ( ;D) that can help would be greatly appreciated. I know that the building was apparently torn down and replaced. Ive zoomed in on it on windows live maps, and what you can see now is that it looks like the front half is still there but the back half is gone. I even have the phone # for Highland Park Liquors which is right across 59th from the site, but I feel a bit weird calling and asking about the building, (or lack of one), across the street. Not only is the film my favorite of all time, I just want a little inside info. Even a pic of the place now…


I’m sure there was someone on this site that lived near the neighbourhood it was filmed in and posted some pictures and info. If you do a search on it you might find out who it was. I can’t remember which thread it was in.

All I know is Ive looked all over the internet and there aint shit!

i assume you’ve read all the book and seen all the dvd extras already? that’s what i’d do first, see if there’s a little blurb anywhere that would give you more info on the location

I didnt know there was a “book”. I did see all the dvd extras and I saw some of the few pics they had, but it didnt really give any info. Maybe I should just track down the man himself! LOL