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VOTE NOW! Where are you from? VOTE NOW!


I’m from Texas too, go Cowboys…oh wait

Damn that Jessica Simpson, she’s been sucking Romo clean - did anyone notice how unstable his legs were?

No Texans or Cowboys in the playoffs AGAIN!

I know dude, it’s SO shit.

There’s always next year.


I wanted to see them kick ass this year :’(

Go Packers…I guess.


I’d kinda like to see the Giants take it. Always better to be beaten by a team that wins it all, than to be beaten by a team that loses to someone else. Could just be me though.

Where’bouts in Texas you live? I’m in San Antonio.


Houston, Texas. I like how there’s a shit load of sports events here.

I’m already getting ready for some Astros baseball this summer, they’ve made some great acquisitions that will make the 'Stros waaay better.


Oh man! Astros are #1!!! I am a MASSIVE 'stros fan! I moved here from Houston 2 years ago. I really REALLY miss it. I was living in Kingwood before I moved, but I lived in Katy, Alief, Sugar Land, and Magnolia before that.


I went to the last World Series game against the CHWS, Backe had a shutout on the 8th inning, if I recall correctly until Brad Lidge gave up that homer to Dye – or was it Blum? Hmmmm…

I’ll be there on opening day though, Roy O will win 20 this year!


My wrestling trainer’s school is literally 4 blocks from Minute Maid Park. I used to walk to the games after practice. He’s at Ruiz and Crawford if you wanna start training. :smiley:


Nah, I love WWE and stuff but I would probably suck, I almost cried when my finger nail got caught on a pepsi can tab, it almost broke my nail in half :’(

Mae Young could probably kick my ass.


Oh fuck that, Mae Young could probably kick MY arse! Seriously, I don’t screw with those oldschool wrestlers! unless they’re dead.

I learned my lesson.


I know there are more than four Australians here. Where are they?


the home of ‘momo’ …the missouri monster!


I’m still from Sweden…


I’m from France ;D


I thought you were from russia, with the spatsiba, stalin weird accents and the Battleship Potemkin (pronounced pojomking) you know?


Yeah, I lived in Russia till I turned 14. Then, I moved to Spain where I stayed for a year and in october 2005 I moved to France where I am now.

Now you know everything about me. :angel:


Edinburgh, Scotland.


Turkey I think I am the only Turk in the forum :slight_smile:


Russia, Ryazan (a small town near Moscow).


Finland, a peaceful little country.


Ravensburg, Germany

deep south of germany near lake constanz