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Vol 2 - line hidden

anyone have any idea about this:

on the scene with ELLE and BUDD in the cabin

when budd is crushing the ice

ELLE says something like "so this is hatori hanzo sword"

but because of the ice crusher noise we can’t hear this line at all - so BUDD asked her - “what did you say”?

ELLE said it again…

why this all was done ?!?!

No, I went for the second time a couple nights ago and watched her mouth - she does just repeat the line we couldn’t hear.

You CAN hear her voice as he’s mixing the margarita. You just have to listen for it. As far as “why” this happened.

Because things arn’t all perfect in the jungle. And sometimes people blend. Sometimes they tend to blend at times when other people are talking. For a better reason, probably should ask QT.

Yeah, you can totally hear it. The first time I saw it, I knew that’s what she said, before she even repeated it. It’s actually pretty audible.

Something like that happened in Jackie Brown too when Jackie was making coffee for Max Cherry.

I think it is simply done for the sake of realism.

I think it gives a little more realism to the movie. If you’ve ever been doing something like vacuming or running the garbage disposal and someone tries to ask you something at the same time, you can’t hear them so you ask them to repeat the question. It could be considered a blooper, but perhaps QT left it in because it was just like what would happen in any every day occurance.



Also, it is nice reference to Jackie Brown!

Just like in Pulp Fiction:

Jody: 'What are you looking for?'

Lance: 'A little black medical book’

She didn’t hear the answer, so she asked it again.

I didn’t hear it and I got somewhat annoyed when Budd blended the ice and Elle asked something.

But that’s a real life situation, everything is shown like it really happens not just made up. Quentin pays a lot of attention to small details.

yeah it’s more realistic.

yeah it’s more realistic.

I don’t think he did it to be realistic, I mean most of Kill Bill is unrealistic. I think he loves putting these little details and nifty dtuff in his films (as do I!), they make his films more interesting, and when he uses the same technique more than once, it automatically puts itself in the ever so large and always increasing list of “Tarantino trade-marks”. QT loves having consistencies in his films, I believe this ‘not hearing something because of a kitchen appliance’ is one of them.

yeah, you are right. I’m not saying he specifically did it to make it realistic, but it does have that effect, i think - despite the rest of the mythology in the movie.

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