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Go to  The reviewer gave the film 3 1/2 out of 5 stars, but he seemed to really enjoy the movie. He’s also one of those who thought the film should’ve (and could’ve) been made into one film. He said there were parts of Vol. 1 that dragged on for too long and could’ve been cut to possibly make just one movie instead of two. He thought the O-Ren character origin part was five minutes too long. Now I don’t know about you guys, but watching a five minute too long anime sequence is GREAT in my book!

Here’s a negative one found on

Variety film magasine, 3 days ago, small thing about splitting Kill Bill being a good idea.

Link is <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1117893085”></LINK_TEXT> but to read one needs to register (14 day trial thing) so here is the copy:

Posted: Sun., Sep. 28, 2003, 6:00am PT

Inside Move: ‘Bill’ pix speaking volumes

Tarantino double dip convinces the critics


Despite early skepticism that greeted Miramax’s announcement that it would release Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” in two parts, buzz on the pic following recent press screenings is that the two-part plan does, in fact, work.

When Tarantino penned and started shooting his 212-page script, he always thought of it as single film. Indeed, Miramax execs still point out that they think of it as single film, too.

“Kill Bill Vol. 1” will be released domestically Oct. 10. “Vol. 2” follows Feb. 20. Some of those who have seen the first part say that the first section ends at a natural stopping point – with a cliffhanger, natch.

As Variety’s chief film critic Todd McCarthy says, "Seeing Vol. 1, now it’s a good idea he didn’t do a three-plus hour film. The good thing is at the end of part one, you’re very anxious, after a little break, to see part two."

Miramax chief operating officer Rick Sands says, "It makes sense when you see the film. Iit works. When Quentin and Harvey sat down, the idea was to preserve Quentin’s vision. There is a natural break and progression of the story."

Sands adds, "Our job is to make it work commercially. We think audiences are going to be eager to see Vol. 2 after seeing Vol. 1."

Date in print: Mon., Sep. 29, 2003, Weekly

There is a picture of Quentin Tarantino in Berlin at the 1st October European premiere here:

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People like ignoring the topic

I like that poopshoot review

ebert and roeper are gonna review it:

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please stop opening new posts for single reviews. all review-links IN HERE please. thank you. don’t give me so much work…

“a whole bunch of reviews”:

“bloody aweful review”:

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“ebert & roeper review”:

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the bloody awful review obviously didn’t get it.

"Why would the assassination squad want to wipe out one of its own? We don’t know. Who was the groom? Not sure. Who is this Bride person anyway? Search me."

what a dumbass. not only are those all uncovered later, which is the fucking point, but that is such a piddly thing to criticize it’s ridiculous. the whole review is to be taken with a grain of salt, as it was written by a mongoloid.

There were critics who didnt like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs or Jackie Brown either.

Does that change ANYTHING about us loving those? NOPE.

Kill Bill is for people who are movie geeks and who “get it”. So far most reviewers are surprisingly getting it AND enjoying the whole thing as well. I think at this point Kill Bill has proven that its another masterpiece by QT. I dont even care about the Box Office takes. I’m sure it will do well. I’m just glad its being taken as what it is : A tongue in cheek, over the top, highly stylized, Exploitation action/revenge film for movie geeks.

I love every frame Ive seen of the film. It makes me giddy with excitement. Its so great knowing theres a popular filmmaker out there whos making the films I want to watch. QT is my favorite filmmaker.


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I think the awefull review is fun!

The stupid old guy wants “narrative and character-development”, “with a thought for drama, suspense and coherence” in his perfect movie.

That guy thinks “audience involvement” is to be able to explain and see the logical place in a story for everything one sees on the screen. That guy probably also don’t see much “audience involvement” in any of the David Lynch, John Carpenter or the Brian De Palma movies.

He says Kill Bill “doesn’t have any purpose” than to be “cool”.

Well mr. Teletext, filming cool probably is the reason why Thomas Edison and The Lumière Brothers inveted the moving picture camera one hundred years ago.

And a cool there is no different ways to funk, there is no other dimension than this one where Tarantino found the absolute perfect funky rythme! And that is the rythme every movie made after the release of Kill Bill should follow!

But off-course I haven’t seen Kill Bill yet. I have only read as much as I can online about it everyday for the past several months and years.

Here is an old text from 1st October (one needs to register (14 days free)) to read their articles:

Posted: Wed., Oct. 1, 2003, 10:00pm PT

Miramax goes in for the ‘Kill’ Tarantino leads dancing at pic’s after-party


HOLLYWOOD – Like “Kill Bill Vol. 1,” Quentin Tarantino’s homage to everything from old kung-fu pics to spaghetti Westerns, the film’s after-party presented some raucous aesthetic juxtapositions Monday night. The old Hollywood Athletic Club gymnasium had been redone into the pic’s Japanese restaurant the House of Blue Leaves, and after a few songs from Japanese all-girl rock band the 5,6,7,8’s, rapper The RZA took the stage.

Right up front was Tarantino, leading the dancing (yes, actually dancing) crowd. All one can say after Tarantino stopped waving his arms in the air to take the mike and proclaim, “We kicked the shit out of that joint!” is, well, it was just that kind of night.

Tarantino, who had spent the weekend putting final touches on edits and sound, said he was having a blast showing off his first pic in six years, “It’s a real audience movie, so it’s fun to watch. If I were doing more of an art movie, I wouldn’t want to do a premiere.”

Of the much discussed decision to release “Kill Bill” in two parts, Tarantino said it was easy to cut the film for a four-month intermission. “Once I knew I could do it, I went away for an hour and thought about it and figured it all out.”

Miramax co-chair Harvey Weinstein said he’s happy with the two-part plan. “Now that you watch this, it was two hours long and the next one will probably be longer. Why sit there for four hours, man? And like Quentin says, these are grindhouse movies, B moviemaking on an extraordinary scale.”

Others cheering Tarantino’s fourth film were stars Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, David Carradine, Vivica A. Fox, Michael Madsen and Daryl Hannah, producer Lawrence Bender and Miramax execs Meryl Poster and Erica Steinberg. Guests included Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Wilmer Valderrama, rockers Anthony Kiedis and Henry Rollins and helmers Kevin Smith, Robert Rodriguez and Todd Phillips.

Date in print: Thurs., Oct. 2, 2003

‘Kill Bill’ producer Lawrence Bender and helmer Robert Rodriguez.

‘Kill Bill’ helmer Quentin Tarantino with pic’s star Uma Thurman.

Pic’s Daryl Hannah with executive producer Erica Steinberg.

Pic’s Vivica A. Fox with Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein.

Vivica really is a Fox. ;D

[quote]please stop opening new posts for single reviews. all review-links IN HERE please. thank you. don’t give me so much work…

“bloody aweful review”:

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Sorry, I didn’t notice this topic for all reviews but I thought the “Bloody awful review” topic deserved it’s own spot because it’s so damning and about the worst one I’ve read and most people won’t notice it. It’s actually really annoying getting posts deleted, at least you could keep what I wrote and what other people wrote in the topic. Anyway, whatever.

Yeah, I can see why Harvey is laughing

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … lume1.html”></LINK_TEXT> (not very well written)

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ovieid=217”></LINK_TEXT> (good)

"Rated R for profanity, perversion and graphic samurai violence"

It should probably be noted (if you haven’t read the reviews above yet) that the last two are negative reviews.

The second last website contains two seperate negative reviews. Now i don’t think negative reviews are bad, but the thing about every negative Kill Bill review i’ve read is that you just feel like arguing with the reviewer by the end of it. Their arguements (and insults) are completely unjustified, and if they’d done their homework they would be able to answer their questions. The review on the last website was a little easier to swallow but i still ended up skipping the majority of it.

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the latest bunch (i am updating’s reviews section this weekend)