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[Vol 1] Reactions from Kill Bill Press Screening

La film critic Pete Kalvados chimes in on reactions from the Kill Bill Press Screening…

Hope this gets your attention. Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a press screening of Kill Bill Vol 1 in Beverly Hills. And rather than give anything away, as that would be just plain sacrilege, I will share some of the comments made afterward by myself and the friend who took me:

  • “What are you doing the rest of the week?” “Masturbating thinking about this movie.”

  • “Hey, remember when God said, ‘And let there be light?’ This was better.”

  • “It’s almost like Tarantino has to wait six years between every movie, because that’s about how long it’ll take before the talk begins to die down from this one.”

  • “I’m glad I’m not reviewing this, because you could pull out every superlative in the book, and it wouldn’t do it justice.”

  • “For the first time in my life, I feel like I know what it must have been like to see Star Wars in 1977.”

    And just in case you doubt the validity of my claim, here’s a little confirmation: there are three names left on the Death List Five.

Fun stuff!

Who wrote this, when and where? Give me phone numbers…

read the first post for the who

its on Aintitcool

I’m going to assume that this critic liked the movie.

I read Welles at talk about early word on Kill Bill. He seemed hesitant to get behind this movie. Why is it necessary to compare every movie Quentin does to Pulp Fiction. I love that movie, but I’m glad he hasn’t done a Pulp Fiction 2. Could you imagine the bitching coming from the critics if he did? I think we should consider ourselves thankful that this director wants to do different things, to be better, and more creative.

I’m looking forward to Kill Bill. I intend to go into the theater with an open mind. I hope the audience does the same and gives this film a chance.

That Wells article is a weird piece. He basically quotes an entire article from another website and then comments on it. I do like how he points out that the film critic who is so down on Tarantino didn’t even see the movie. Here’s a link.


  • “For the first time in my life, I feel like I know what it must have been like to see Star Wars in 1977.”

Thats a good one. Hopefully thats how we all feel when we leave the theater… blown the fuck away. I can’t wait.

wells changes tune…from

"Wednesday’s lead piece about Quentin Tarantino’s KILL BILL advanced some questioning, mostly negative views set down in last weekend’s London OBSERVER article by Sean O’Hagan. The basic points in the piece (“So has Quentin Just Shot Himself in the Foot?”) are that (a) Tarantino has produced a let-down experience that amounts to “a crash course” in his Asian martial-arts cinematic obsessions, and (b) that it’s been weakened by Tarantino’s decision to not deploy his usual arch and sassy pop-flavored dialogue.

I’m under a review-embargo agreement, but have you ever read and heard so much negative stuff about a movie you’ve started to believe it’s your own negative stuff, and on top of this you’ve allowed your cynicism about the editing and selling of a film to affect your view of what this film may actually turn out to be? But then you finally see the film and you come out staggering and amazed and resolved never to let advance hype affect your expectations again? I’m not referring to anything specific, of course, but you know what I mean.

Never believe anything you read and only half of what you see. Unless you’ve just seen a movie that’s re-written and re-booted your programming and left you startled and turned around. Hypothetically speaking, that is"


I read Welles this morning. It does seem he’s changing his tune. When I first read his comments a couple of days ago he didn’t sound that enthusiastic. It goes back to my comment a couple of days ago – reserve your comments until you see it first. Just because it’s on the page doesn’t mean it gets on the screen.

QT didnt make this film to impress critics, he made it to give his fans and himself a classic genre film. If critics like it too, thats great, but if they dont, who gives a fuck? I dont listen to critics anyway, I judge films based on my own tastes and thoughts.

I heard Empire Magazine and Total Film magazine gave Kill Bill 5 stars and 4 stars respectively. So the opinion of one critic doesn’t make a difference anyway; even the greatest masterpieces have had their sceptics.


The Empire gave it 4 stars.

One of the subtitles in capitals said:


While I think the reviewer loved the film…

I got the feeling he was sceptical about the whole spliting

the film in two bussiness. Hence only 4 stars!

Another positive review:,2933,98244,00.html

But I do know that “Kill Bill, Volume 1” is the hippest thing I’ve seen on screen since "Pulp Fiction."

Groovy! 8)


The Empire gave it 4 stars.

i am counting 5

I’m actually interested to hear Ebert&Roeper’s review of Kill Bill, because Ebert is fond of Tarantino’s work. They’ll probably actually make an extended episode just for that review. And I bet you a diddle-eyed joe to a damned-if-I-know that they’ll have the review episode on the Kill Bill dvd, just like it was on the other ones.

[quote] And I bet you a diddle-eyed joe to a damned-if-I-know that they’ll have the review episode on the Kill Bill dvd, just like it was on the other ones.[/quote]

Only if they like the movie though, which I hope they’ll do. They didnt’ post Ebert’s review of Reservoir Dogs on the DVD; which is the only QT film Ebert is not very fond of.

You’re prolly right, but a huge reason it’s not on the Dogs dvd is because it’s made by Artisan, and only Mirimax’s QT dvd’s have it. So even if Dogs was lauded by Ebert, it prolly wouldnt be on the dvd.


i am counting 5

Nah mate,

Its 4 stars.

I checked again. I was the one that sent u the copies of that page

when I scanned it and its definetely 4 stars.