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the first 2 reviews from over at AICN



Cool.  First review wasn’t exactly glowing, but that’s 'cause the reviewer was expecting PF 2 or something… Second review, far better… lot’s of spoilers though, so I just glanced, but he certainly liked it.  Looking forward to more reviews.

Great reviews, the second one was a little too spoiler-y, so I skimmed it. Kinda dissapointed to hear that there won’t be that much dialogue. That was Tarantino’s style to carry along a movie’s plot with little or no action at all. Oh well, still glad to hear it’s uber violent.

I hope what he said was wrong, because if this movie bombs, Tarantino’s little “split movie” plan would be fucked.

Can’t wait to see it! ;D

hot damn!

The first coupla reviews that came out said "too much fighting, thin plot, little dialogue"

Now the new ones say “not that much fighting, lots of plot and dialogue”…

what the fuck? I guess these reviews should be taken lightly, because everyone’s opinions contradict eachother…

i am so fucking eager to see this flick already!

anyone know about the novelization?

I’m thinking people have been saying there’s little dialogue considering it’s a Tarantino film.

For those of you who have read the script is ther much plot? I don’t want spoilers I just want to know if there’s much plot.

As plot as it gets!

Anyway who needs plots in movies today? Plots in movies are ‘‘grandmamas’ bedtime’’ story for me.

Anyway who needs plots in movies today? [/quote]

{Long Pause}

You seriously must be joking, right?


Oh well yah 8)! Propably most of the times you must have a plot but it is not neccessary for a good movie!

For me the direction is the most neccessary thing for a movie then the script and the others (acting, cinematography etc). A good script does not mean interesting plot and good plot doesn’t mean (always) a good script! (for example Woody Allen’s movies)

(speaking for myself :wink:)

I know exactly why people are saying theres little plot in the film. Its because they are expecting Pulp Fiction 2. QT is known for his pop culture dialogue/ loop de loop non linear storytelling. So I think Kill Bill throws people off a little.

(Those first test reviews are very confusing to me. One says the film ends at the end of Showdown at House of Blue Leaves and another says it ends at The Grave of Paula Schultz. Somethings amiss there.)

As far as movies not being based on the scripts, I disagree. Movies are rooted on the page, if the script is shit, you end up with a messy piece of crap for a film.

Kill Bill is different because its not really about people moving the story forward with anecdotes and talking to each other constantly. Its about their actions that move them forward. All the characters want to live in Kill Bill. Its all about how The Bride uses her assassin skills and knowledge to get her out of each chapter alive.

[quote]Its about their actions that move them forward. All the characters want to live in Kill Bill.


I agree with what you said.

However, I don’t think Sidewinder really cares if he lives or dies.

[quote] I agree with what you said. However, I don’t think Sidewinder really cares if he lives or dies.[/quote]

Yeah true. Everyone EXCEPT Budd I mean.

I’m very pleased to read about all the gore used.

I’m just hoping that Quentin will spice up the hospital scene with some strategic nudity.I can’t remember the reviewers commenting on this.

Remember this is supposed to be exploitation!!


Dude you should make another post for the animation stuff, just so we keep this on the subject.

This is my first post. But I’ve been visiting the forums for a while now.

I haven’t been this exited about any movie for a long time, and it’s good to see that I’m not the only QT fanatic our there. I know Kill Bill is gonna knock everbody off their feet!

Have any of the reviews said how long Vol. 1 is? :-/

someone said 2 hours