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Video i made in April for my school check it out :)

Hey guys well i use to be on this website but i left awhile ago and i finally came back. I forgot that i wanted to show you this video cause i left this website before it came on youtube. But its a movie me and some friends did for school for a video project for a contest. The contest was a 7 day contest and we all had a great idea already planned out so we just got it done as soon as possible so we shot it in 6 hours and then edit it over a span of about 6 hours. Our school has a lot of good equipment so we borrowed it and our teacher who was very technical and smart showed us by the end of the school year how to do the Sin City look with the layering colors together and making things black and white and then making other things color and we did that, and it was suppose to be influence by Sin City and those old film noirs. So here it is people tell me what you think about it and give my constructive criticism so i can know what to do next time with the mistakes thanks you.

I liked it the acting was well and writing directing was good too, the only problam ihad with it was the amount of stuff that was taken from sin city. At first i thought it was bruce willis, talking on the voice over but overall good.Was it a sin city competition?

Also the score was excellent.

lol no it wasnt, i dont know we talked about doing a film noir and originally wanted to just make it black and white but my friend who loves comic books and Sin City said we should do the Sin City thing since we just learned how to layer colors like that and the majority of the group wanted to do that so we all just did it like that. But thank you though for it i mean when we edit it me and another friend of mine both looked at it like this sounds and looks so much like Sin City but hey were in high school and this was a high school contest and we knew that the judges there dont care if something is alot like something else in fact most of them actually love when things are like that even though it has been done so we decided to take advantage of it knowing the past judges have like things like that even if it was a rip off or what, the fact that high school kids did that they thought it was amazing lol.

thank you a few of the people involved with it are actual musicians as well and are in bands so they know alot about music and one of them are going to college for sound engineering.

watching it again, after recently watching sin city again, it nearly looks like you almost “stole” so much from the film writing and directing wise.

hmm. parts were ok. the blatant Sin City rip sort of turned me off from it. Also, watch your lines of cinematography. you broke the line a few times and caused the shot to be jarring to the eye.

overall though, keep working. there’s something there.