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Vengance of the rising dead


Inspired by Fulci’s “Zombie” and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


EXT. CITYSCAPE - NIGHT A crow’s eye shifts back and forth, the image of a burning vicinity is superimposed over its iris. We see that it rests atop a light pole, its beak smuthered in fresh blood. It shakes itself then flutters away into the night sky, where below we see a corpse that has been pecked to death. Dozens of crows feast off its flesh, a feeding frenzy. FADE TO BLACK: INT. 79’ CHEVY NOVA (moving) - DAY Stay on a dirt track that extends to as far as the eye can see, flanked on both sides of the road are lavishing trees. A car zooms by, as a melodic tune plays on the radio. . A woman, MADELINE (32) conducts the vehicle,as her son LEON (9) sits, drained with boredom. LEON How much longer, 'till we get there! MADELINE Just a little longer… She catches a glimpse of a sign:“DINER 1/2 mile.” MADELINE There is a god. CUT TO: INT. DINER - DAWN A healthy number of people eat as they converse with their friends and peers. Madeline and Leon munch on cheese burgers as they share french fries. MADELINE Aren’t you excited about seeing your father? Leon nods as he takes a sip of his milkshake. MADELINE This is his last trip, after this he’s going to work in an office, that way we can see him every day, I hate it when goes out in those cargo ships, it must be devastating. . .what’s wrong, you’re a little quieter than the usual. LEON I don’t like talking when i’m eating. A trucker who sits at the bar, cranks up the volume of an old television. Everyone in the diner turn to look at the TV; a news reporter in his mid 50s speaks. NEWS REPORTER The people of Central Europe are still suffering the effects from last month’s biological attack against the American Embassy. The center of disease control has been unable to establish the proper countermeasures to quorentine those of infection. This new strain of disease is known to cause devastating mutations and even insanity. There have been reports of infected people fleeing into other countries, if this situation is not controlled immidiately, there is the inevitability of a pandemic.


I see that you’re using a 79 Chevy Nova for your “film” - is that your car! :laugh:


CONTINUED: INT. DINER - DAWN MADELINE Excuse me, sir? The trucker turns to look at her. MADELINE You mind turning that down just a notch! Thank you. The trucker gives her an annoyed stare, then turns the volume down. MADELINE I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. The diner’s entrance door swings open with authority, A TRUCKER staggers inside, holding his freshly wounded neck. Everyone gaze apalled, some women scream in horror. WOUNDED TRUCKER . . .call an ambulance. He passes out in the front door as masses of blood purge from his wounded neck. The propietor of the diner rushes over to him. PROPIETOR Jesus, Barbara, call an ambulance, quick now! He turns to look at his customers. PROPIETOR Stay calm, folks, nothing to worry about here! He checks for a pulse, his face expressing devistation. He’s dead. He grabs a table cloth and places it over the trucker’s corpse.


[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
I see that you’re using a 79 Chevy Nova for your “film” - is that your car! :laugh:
[/quote]Pulp Fiction car


“where’s my honda?”

“I had to crash that honda”


[quote=“Kilgore Trout”]
“where’s my honda?”

“I had to crash that honda”
[/quote]No, I mean Jules’ car, the one with Marvin’s brain splatter all over the back seat.


that script sounds very good


I must say, Mr. Fulci, that is a wonderful piece of penmanship!


It is certainly something I would love to see!


Well written


I’d sneak in to see this. Good work.