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Vanity Fair Hollywood Portfolio - Hitchcock theme:

from the march 2008 issue:

My favorite: Marion Cotillard in Psycho and Javier Bardem as Jimmy Stewart.

OMG, so awesome, THANKS so much to share this here.

I love of course Marion Cotillard, and Jodie Foster too. Scarlett is pretty good, I even have to admit that Keira is great (I dislike her if people have already forgotten that fact). Too bad that North by Northwest isn’t good, for such a famous pic, they should have picked someone better.

Hugh Jackman was a better choice, some years ago for Entertainment Weekly

Chubby beer gut Seth Rogen as Cary Grant is a real stretch. Zellweger, Paltrow and Foster also fail as Novak, Kelly and Hedren. The only thing resembling Jimmy Stewart as portrayed by Javier Bardeem is the cast(I would have gone with Ed Norton).

But Naomi Watts really nailed it as Marnie. I did a double take, because I thought it was a publicity pic I hadn’t seen before. And Theron’s Kelly was very close too.

Seth Rogen, what the fuck? haha

Charlize Theron would have been PERFECT for a Hitch movie.

Charlize sure is smokin hot.

I also think Scarlett Johansen wouldve made a great Hitchcock girl.

lol @ seth rogen :wink: