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(UPDATE: "Making of") Watch 25 min. of GRINDHOUSE

. . . does not work for me. Anyone else?

:o 8) ??? :-[

Not working for me either.

Holy shit! 25 minutes of Grindhouse?! :o

I believe this was the same thing that was shown on FX but its not loading for me either.

Or it could be all the clips from that making of in a compilation type reel. They wouldnt release 25 minutes of the actual films before theyre released.

Looks like a site trying to drudge up some hits or phishing for something. Bluh!

you can watch it here:

It’s the making of! :-</E>

Even if you could watch it…would you?

thats a good point, i would wait

Cool video. Hell yeah! Great interviews and new scenes. Why wouldnt anyone want to watch it? Its silly not to watch it. Its not like previews and interviews spoil the film. Weird bunch of mofos

i think people thought it was 25 mins ripped straight from grindhouse

so this is the making of and there isn’t even a good reason for this topic to exist, right?

I didnt watch the whole video but yeah this topic is probably worthless.

DELETE THIS SHIT! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, cos if im not mistaken the topic was originally called “watch 25 mins of grindhouse”

WTF is wrong with you people? You get to see a special making of video and your like “fuck it”? God damn Im happy as hell to get to see this shit. Just delete the whole grindhouse forums, nothing to see or talk about here. Yeesh!

I already watched it on TV last week. I thought everyone else already watched it too. Its been online for a long time.

And there’s another topic about this already…