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Unresolved question

Okay so I wait for the second Kill Bill to come out, and one question is still unanswered, or it went right over my head.

Why did Hattori Hanzo take a blood oath, and then break it? I mean what did Bill do to piss Hanzo off to make another sword?

I think he took the oath because he didn’t want to design tools for killing.

And I assume he breaks it because that’s just the affect The Bride seems to have on everyone, which you’ll notice when you see Vol2.

Bill became a murdering bastard, thats what happened.

here is my take on why he took an oath, Remember Bill worked

under Boss Motsimoto the japanese mobster that killed Oren’s parents Bill’s sword made by hattrio Hanzo … That sword

was used as an evil way, And Hanzo knew 28 yrs ago what happen to oren’s parents he stopped… Now The bride ask Hanzo to make one for her , So maybe this way is redemption

for Hanzo

My guess is that either it was simply that Bill became “a murdering bastard”, or its some unspoken sort of ambiguous thing…like the same reason Budd is mad at Bill. Its not explained why, so, hey, use your imaginations. Thats what fanfics are for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bill joining the yakuza was like a smack to Hattori Hanzo’s face. Hanzo was an honorable guy who only taught his student the beautiful exquisite art of samurai swords. Bill betrayed him by using these skills the wrong way by joining a gang and slaughtering people. There was betrayal, disrespect that made Hattori Hanzo stop what he was doing.That was such an interesting story. Sonny Chiba had one of the best dialogues in the movie…I was really moved with his lines (Tarantino, you are too awesome)…god

dang…amazing stuff. I got misty eyed

That was NOT Bill in the anime.

“I do this because I am sympathetic to your aim.”

HEy thanks for everyone’s insight! I figured it was because Bill misused his skills and “became a murdering bastard”!

There is no indication in the movie or script that Bill worked for either Matsumoto or the Yakuza. This is all just theory, and, personally, I think it’s all bullshit.

Bill just became a hitman. Plain and simple. Hattori didn’t train Bill for that purpose, so he is helping the Bride out.

Something I’d noticed when I first saw the film: He swore a blood oath 28 years before. What was the oath? He says later, of breaking the oath, “I have made something that kills people.” Is that because it’s a sword, or is that because it’s a sword made specifically for use against people.

I ask because in the loft, there are 28 swords. I suppose this could be a coincidence, but it seems too, er, coincidental. Maybe he’s made a sword each year for the last 28 years, out of love for his craft, but keeps them upstairs because he doesn’t want them to be used to kill people (and because every time he adds one to the collection, he’s forced to recall why he sword the oath).

Anyway, just a thought. I mean, it does seem a little much to ask that he’d make, in a month, his best sword ever, if he’d stopped making swords 28 years before.

You COUNTED the swords?



Yes, I counted the swords. Not really boredom, not even a compulsion. Mostly, “wow, there are a lot of swords. I mean, a LOT of swords.” So I counted.

There seem to be four stacks of 7 swords each. I haven’t still-framed the DVD to be sure I’m not missing any, though…

Hey guys. Here’s my unresolved question. Might be dumb of me to ask, and the fact that it’s my first post might amplify my stupidity, but oh well. Why is Beatrix’s name bleeped out in Vol. 1 yet revealed in Vol. 2 . I already knew her name from seeing it on the plane ticket and figured I might have spoiled something for myself, but after seeing Vol. 2 I still don’t understand why QT bleeped it out in 1.

There’s no real reason, it’s just a cool stylistic thing that Tarantino did.

[quote]There’s no real reason, it’s just a cool stylistic thing that Tarantino did.[/quote]

I kinda figured that. Thanks

[quote]There’s no real reason, it’s just a cool stylistic thing that Tarantino did.[/quote]
Only there kinda is a reason.

For the first 3 quarters of the film the Bride is a killing machine, she is “the man with no name”, dishing out vengeance to those who have wronged her.

But at the end, when she’s coming closer to reaching Bill and her daughter, she is starts gaining emotions, and becomes a human being with a name. Now you care for her, instead of just craving ass-kicking.