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Uma's blacked out blood

Has anyone noticed how the blood on Uma’s yellow suit seems to have been digitally blacked out in the trailers? It makes her look like she’s covered in oil or some shit. Is it being watered down just for the trailers or will it be in the movie as well I wonder.

QT made special preparation for the blood in the movie. Theres no way the blood will look black onscreen in the actual film (except in the black n white scenes). Thats specifically blacked out for the trailer and commercials.

Expect to see all shades of RED BLOOD in Kill Bill! :slight_smile:

[quote] Thats specifically blacked out for the trailer and commercials. [/quote]

Yeh definitely. If you compare the theatrical to the teaser, you can see that it’s not even the same colour. It’s actually brown in the teaser and looks more like dirt.

If you freeze frame the theatrical and look carefully you can see some dark red, especially where the spots of blood are.

Yeah, I noticed that when the trailer came out yesterday (was it?). Anyways, from what I can gather, blood can’t be shown in trailers, unless you get the red screen instead of the green screen.

there will be different colors - 3 - chinese, american and japanese blood types a, b & c

hehey, and GREEN blood in Greenland, or what :wink:

well, the trailers are rated for “all audiences”, right? so it’s blacked out… and there are some scenes in the movie that are black’n’white as well… folks, don’t worry…

I knew this movie was gonna be violent, but after seeing those Fangoria pics, holy shit, I didn’t think it was gonna be THAT VIOLENT.

I knew there was gonna be blood, but now it looks nastified to the max.

There were 2 most often used colors of blood. The blood for shooting the B/W footage and the standard red. What has probably happened is that scene was later in the day when people get tired and don’t want to wait for a wardrobe change. They need the sequence in color and B/W. They shoot the B/W with the dark red and don’t have time (or any clean suits left) so they role on it for the color. Just a guess.

You can see the same pics in a german mag in wonderful colour of red blood. If you compare it with the trailer you see that the spot (right word? I´m no american) of blood is definatly bigger… So I would say, that it is only changed for the trailer (the movie is not rated yet…) :

The “real” movie blood is hidden under the black trailer blood.

So - I hope - we would see an other colour i the movie.


This movie is already being reported as the bloodiest movie ever, and from QT, I wouldn’t expect anything less.