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Truman Capote

I jsut became familiar with the works of Truman Capote. After seeing Capote, I became interested in his work and read In Cold Blood. It is an excellent read and it is much more than a true crime novel. This man had a gift for describing things with a level of honesty that most would be afraid to admit to. I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy and give it a shot.

i have only seen the movie, need to read “In cold blood” though!

the movie is about the making of the book. the book is more of a psycho-analysis of one of the killer’s. if you like to study psychology, this book is great for you.

I read the book way before the movie, and both are great. Two different perspectives. A great reflexion on how a book is making, the whole preparation of a writer, the role and use of historic and true facts, and psycho-analysis. Truman Capote brought definitively something new and important in the genre.

I´ve read the book, but I haven´t seen the movie yet. I think the book is brilliant, and interesting. Capote really did some research when he wrote it.

When I read the book I can just hear the movie version of him talking.