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True Romance: HBO vs. SHOWTIME

I am a fuckin badass! Raises fist and clenches it Toronto doesn’t have many mean streets from what I know, and I’ve never been to a Commuity Collage so I don’t know any kids there. Who said I was trying to sound like a badass? I was making a simple point that your a lightweight when it comes to violence (and to a lesser extent gore) so don’t say stupid shit like that just to try to piss me off, because it won’t work dude.

[quote]I’ve seen many of the movies on your list and they arn’t so brutally violent.[/quote]

Then what is? Gimmie a good example of a violent movie ya smartass. Gimmie ONE (or two) examples and I’ll shut up, alright?

Also, discriminating someone because of the country they live in is extremely lame.

I’d modify the post but I want people to read that.

[quote]What I’m trying to say is… If you couldn’t handle the violence in Kill Bill then don’t say you can handle violence in other movies. You’d probably faint at some of the other movies I’ve seen.[/quote]

Don’t try and get sympathy from others as you stepped to me. You keep bringing up old shit from other forums so I’m gonna put you in your place. We were talking about True Romance in here NOT your knowledg of films which you seem to bring up in every subject!? Enuff out of you!

I shouldn’t have exaggerated about you “Fainting” at the other movies I’ve seen but your no-nothing knowledge about violence in movies is why I keep bringing up other movies. I asked you in another topic but you never answered, I asked you in this and you just ignorantly skip the question and quote me again. Try reading why I broght up other movies in the first place. Dead Nigga asked me to give examples , and I did. In another topic you seemed to “Love” violence in movies, I wanted some examples but you never gave me any. You gotta pull your head outta your ass and answer me before you hypocritically comment on how I bring up other movies.

I threw down a list before and I’ll do it again so we can let this die forever.

Conan the Barbarian - (Robbed by Gladiator, Braveheart, and numerous others in the 20 yrs since)

Manhunter - (Mike Mann’s original “Red Dragon” put us into the mind of a serial killer way better than any of the “Silence of the Lambs” trilogy.

American History X - (Skulling incident chilling - just turn up the volume)

Saving Ryan’s Privates - (Opening seen should have lasted for an hour!)

Casino - (Not enuff movies show torture)

Things To Do In Denver - (Just a great Fucking movie)

Here is a link so you can see me take my head out of an ass! ÂÂ

Ooh, Bullet is Canadian? Hello, fellow Canuck! Our country sucks.

[quote]I find it rather average compared to other “Violent” movies. There’s just a bit more brutality and blood then other shootouts[/quote]

I agree with this. The shootout didn’t do much for me in terms of “Whoah, that was brutal!”. Just another shootout, with lots of blood. The bathroom scene made me wince a bit, though. But in a GOOD way, because, c’mon, he’s a mobster. Buddy ain’t going to solve problems by trying to emotionally connect with someone. So the violence made sense.

The moral of this story is: Don’t watch movies on TV.