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Troubles with software (editing)

I have a sony DV camera and use adobe premier for editing…

My problem is the software that comes with the camera…

sony picture package sucks mighty donkey dick!

Does anybody else use this? What capture software should I use to transfer my video from my camera to my computer?

Only thing I need is getting the EXACT video from my camera on to my computer, but the only way I can do this now is using picture package and auto video, which forces you to choose an effect and music! its hell!

What’s wrong with the software that comes with the camera?

NeoDVD isn’t bad, either.

I solved the problem…I uninstalled the sony software that comes with the camera…took the cd and broke it in 2…

The guy that made this should get medieval on his ass for making a piece of crap like that!

I found another way to put my dv video on my pc…

I got adobe premier pro 7.0…

If I use quiktime files (movie trailers) they dont show…and just play audio…cant I play quiktime trailers with adobe or am I doing something wrong?

Also does anybody know a large trailer archive on the internet with windows media supported files?

Or know where I can download some john woo trailers: better tomorrow 1,2,3 the killer, face/off …? NOT in quiktime…

Youi should by an iMac, perfect for that kind of shit. I have a very good editing program: Final Cut Pro. Only I don’t know excactly how it works so I just use iMovie.

Anyone that buys a Mac should be shot.

Update your quicktime codec.

Thanks a lot deliveryman! it works perfectly now! 8) :smiley:

[quote]Anyone that buys a Mac should be shot.[/quote]
I just wanna say that I have worked with a lot of amateur editing programs and Final Cut Pro definitly is the best one. (dont shoot me)

Use Avid! It’s the best program out there, Final Cut Pro blows hard.

I know an editor that has cut a few movies, and he says that Avid is always the way to go. He’s running it (not Avid Xpress however) on a 7yr old computer, the only really nice thing you need for it to work is a big hard drive, because DV takes up TONS of disk space.

as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong), AVID is indeed the more “professional” program, but more expensive and maybe not as modern.

having a 7year old computer to edit your movie should not be a model for others I think. Video editing needs lots of CPU power, Hard disk space AND video power. they dont use triple-G5s for fun to edit movies.

[quote]Anyone that buys a Mac should be shot.[/quote]
I just wanna say that I have worked with a lot of amateur editing programs and Final Cut Pro definitly is the best one.
[/quote]What’s good on PC? (besides adobe premiere)

PS: Versus kicks arses!

adobe premiere… And I only used amateur programs, so dont know anything about AVID etc.

Avid & Premiere are not really stuffs for amateurs ::slight_smile: I learned a bit Avid when I was student & I can tell you it’s an hot one :wink:

I have something called Ulead videostudio. Pretty cool

I use adobe and its pretty good…dont know about any other programs though…

Does someone know some tricks to save some GB?

Using a firewire cable and DV…5 minutes of film: 1 GB+ >:(

It drives me crazy that I cant edit with more than like 10 minutes of material…any cheap ways of expanding Gigabites? or easy way to put my files from AVI to wmv or … ?