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does anyone know how to write a treatment for a screenplay? every website i’ve found you have to pay or buy a book. i’m a little confused as far was what needs to be included and what doesn’t.

any and all help is appreciated.


Hope it helps.

I can’t stand writing treatments. I use to have to do them in college. To me it took away from the screenplay. I like to write the screenplay first, then the treatment, then go back to the screenplay and work on the next draft working from the treatment, which seems more like a short story or detailed sketch of the screenplay all fleshed out with complete ideas I may have missed in the first draft.

Very backwards I know.

i know whatcha mean. i’ve only written one once in high school and it just didn’t seem right the way i did it. i’m having trouble writing it because it’s like i’m writing a story i’ve already written and it’s redundant to do it again. i’m not totally positive on the reasoning that you HAVE to have for professionals because by the time they’ve read the treatment, they probably could have read at least half of the script…but eh…hollywood doesn’t make sense.

thank you by the way for the link.