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Trailer/teaser music topic



[quote=“Seb (admin)”]
take a look in the Kill Bill board. I think there are a few links there.

I see nozing! NOZING! :o


buy the motherfucking soundtrack


Yeah, but what if you bought the motherfucking soundtrack, and the motherfucking track was not on the motherfucking soundtrack, like the other motherfucking tracks available?


Ya, I have the soundtrack and the songs not on it! LOL! ;D


I found the trailer’s song on EMULE!! ;D


Thanx, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: could you post a link?


Sorry, I can’t post a link.

Emule is a p2p software…

Seach “the trio - Ennio Morricone” which is the music used in the trailer and you’ll find it in a second! :wink:


Thanx, I found it on BearShare also :wink: