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To read list!

I’m not a reader (nor is anyone else here, for shame) but I would like to get some literature read. I love reading sometimes when I have the attention and concetration intact for me to do so. But here’s what I wanna check out:

a clockwork orange


fear and loathing in las vegas

venus in furs


anyone else got a list?

Winnie The Pooh

Alice In Wonderland

James Dean

Glasgow: The Ultimate Guide


Dogs Can Walk

just started catch 22 today. fucking brilliant!!!

“Shadow in the Wind” - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

All is Quiet on the Western Front

The Walking Dead Vol. 4

The Dark Night Returns by Frank Miller

Heart of Darkness by something Conrad

The Portriat of Dorian Gray

Jurassic Park by Crichton

The Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan by William Rice Burroughs

The Island of Dr. Moreau by I forget… Jules Verne maybe… or H.G. Wells

some William Golding books

some Chuck Pahlnuik books

some Phillip K. Dick books

some Anthony Burgess books

some Elmore Leonard Books

some Stephen King books

this should last a while…

The Man who killed Don Quixdo

“Generation Kill: Devil Dogs, Iceman, Captain America, and the New Face of American War” by Evan Wright

“Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts

“Embedded: The Media At War in Iraq” by Bill Katovsky, Timothy Carlson - collection from various journalists

“Shadow in the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - currently reading.

Just naming a few books to read, if you don’t read often and want something to nibble at a time, Embedded is a good book because they are short recollections from various journalists.

I just read

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls - Peter Biskind. Fucking brilliant

I read now:

Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad. Pretty solid so far. Coppola was pissed when he found out that Brando hadn’t read it when he arrived at the set for Apocalypse Now. Then he read it to him. Brando charged 1 million a week by the way.

I guess Francis tried to skip some chapters then.

I just finished “In cold blood” by Truman Capote and now i´m reading a biography on Marie Antoinette

I LOVE biographies. I read more about people than actually the books they have written. I know I totally go against what writers or any kind of artist would want, but they just fascinate me. I also read mostly philosophy. I am a big Schopenhauer fan, the guy cracks me up!

I really need to check out more of:

Vladimir Nabokov

Alexander Pushkin

Boris Pasternak

Anton Chekhov

Maxim Gorky

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Leo Tolstoy

My dad has a BIG collection of books, so that helps, only when you have many books, you kind of drown in them and can’t seem to decide what to read…I wish I could also buy the time it takes to read the books… :stuck_out_tongue:

Another habit of mine is reading at least 5 books at a time. My mind is always all over the place.

I love bios too! It´s so interesting to learn about other people, how their lives actually were /are. It´s never what you think it is.

Check out

"Weekend In Paris" by Robyn Sisman

“KPax” by Gene Brewer

"A Child Called It" by David Pelzer

Alice In Wonderland is one of my fave books too. :slight_smile:

Shoot out by Peter bart

You should check out Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask and An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil by Jim Munroe, one of the founders of Adbusters. They are both fucking awesome and if you’re into kind of social-sci-fi like A Clockwork Orange or 1984, you’d probably like his stuff because he draws on that as an influence but his stories are at heart personal stories about human relationships, with the sci-fi-ish stuff as a background. He self-publishes, so you probably have to get them off Amazon or his website, where you can read some of his short stories if you want a sample. He has two other books, but I haven’t read Angry Young Spaceman yet and Everyone in Silico is interesting in terms of the Philip K. Dick type futurescape he creates, but the stories are kind of weak and don’t really build to anything. He’s honestly one of my favorite writers and it only sucks that due to his subversive indie nature, he doesn’t get as much accolades as he deserves.

Oh by the way, 1984 isn’t really worth the hype, for all it’s known as a classic the character work is shoddy and about half the book is an unending and drab text on the history and political landscape of the world in 1984. Animal Farm is a much more concise social satire while still having a coherent story line.

Da Vinci Code

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The End of Poverty

Shake Hands with the Devil - The failure of Humanity in Rwanada

The Call of the Wild

1984 & Animal Farm

Clockwork Orange


The Long Walk

Basketball Daries

Fight Club

Willy Wonka And The Cholate Factory

The Exorcist

Johnny Got His Gun

any john irving,i just find his obbsession with the fragility of childhood really interesting.

knee deep in the complete works of poe, beautiful!!!


V For Vendetta