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Tips on making your movie

well its 3:30 am and since i have nothing better to do.

so you seen the grindhouse trailers and thought "hey i could do that stuff!“

well, here are some tutorials that could save you money when shooting your film…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … lmlook.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “how to get that ‘film look’ on DV.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eblood.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “list of ways to make fake blood.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … sflesh.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “creating flesh/scabs(not the same as above link).”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … adolly.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “how to build a camera dolly.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eflash.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “create a gun/rifle muzzle flash.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … eglass.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “creating fake glass.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ethits.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “creating a bullet/gun wound with compressed air(this is a good one.)”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … edicam.php”></LINK_TEXT> - create a cheap steadicam.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … nginae.php”></LINK_TEXT> - “performing basic colour keying in after effects.”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … screen.php”></LINK_TEXT> - "how to build a blue/green screen."

there is a bunch of other stuff on the website too at this link:

also, if you finished your short film/faux trailer/next big feature film/whatever.

they have a section dedicated to festivals as well as contest at this link:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … tivals.php”></LINK_TEXT> - U.K. Festivals

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … tivals.php”></LINK_TEXT> - U.S. Festivals

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … tivals.php”></LINK_TEXT> - Global Festivals - 48 Hour Film Festival

alright. i hope this helped somebody on this site, if not it’d be a waste. happy movie making!

thanks for the links homeboy. i’m sure people need these.

good find