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Those of you that have read the script

I just read the script and i realized some parts in the movie are not even in the script. For example, when stuntman mike is crashing into the girls car he is saying “You wanna get hot, you wanna get hot” thats not in the script. The part when mike is crying his eyes out when he gets shot and then zoe comes and beats him with the pole thats not in there. And the big one thats really different in the script is how the girls crash mikes car. it says that zoe throws the pole into his tire which causes the car to flip, and if youve seen the movie you know thats not what happends. overall my main question would be how these changes are made. Does QT make them up on the set, or are there other people involed with the ideas?

With any kind of script there is always room for changes. The conditions of the day dictate what can and can’t be done. The benifit that Tarantino provides with the screenplay is an opportunity to see the evolution between the idea and the execution of the idea.

Some stunts might be too risky or too costly.

The short piece of dialogue that Stuntman Mike gives before crashing into the girls probably wasn’t necessary. He might’ve wrote it with the intent of not using the words but getting across to the actor how to play the scene.

It’s rare that a director allows the audience to see the screenplay in its original version. Most screenplays that you pick up from the bookstore are shooting scripts. They’ve been altered to fit the final outcome of the film.