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Thinkin of tryin to write something

Im 19 years old, and i go to an engineering college in Boston, MA. I kinda want to try to write a script and Im wondering if its possible to ever have it read or taken seriousely without having a degree in filmmaking or whatever. I wouldnt even care if my scripts get made, i just want to know the chances for someone like me. And if i finish the thing im working on, i might post it here. Thanks

I don’t know anything about making movies, but i would like to read anything you have.

What are you gonna suck his fu*kn dick too?

What are you gonna suck his fu*kn dick too?

ha ha, it’s funny how you bleeped out ‘fuckn’ but not ‘dick’

Shit I didn’t even mean to. Habit.

Why do you gotta be a little bitch just cause i wanna read something

I was just kiddn around! You don’t havta cry.

im almost done with a little script and if u guys waana read that let me know

not cryin just dont see why your such a dick

Sure I’d like to read it as well. What’s it about?

its a short 11 page script. Its almost finished but i’d like some feedback. if you would like to read it send me an email and i’ll reply. Let me know at