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The year in review, written by YOU

Okay everyone, sharpen your pencils, it’s mini-essay time.

Everyone post a 5 sentence review of 2008. You have to touch the topics movies, popular culture, personal experiences, Tarantino. And of course, don’t make anything up, we want something touching and real. YOU tell US what you thought about 2008. Go!

Movies: Remakes and superhero movies do not make up a very exciting year for a person who does not give a shit about remakes and superhero movies.

Popular culture: Obama has finally stolen the headlines from Paris Hilton, go 2008!

Personal experiences: 11 bad months for every good one: my year in a nutshell.

Tarantino: Thanks for finally starting filming IB you crazy basterd! - it didn’t take long, only 10 years or so.

Movies: Sylvester Stallone directs and stars in the best film of the year. Sylvester Stallone announces the best film of the next year. And 2010

Personal experiences: I do things in Tokyo that I wish not to talk about.

Popular culture and Tarantino: this came up on google search.

I personally went through a lot of shit in 2008, and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’ve been mostly sick (and I still am) and I can’t wait to have some medical school nerd cut my fucking tonsils out for good this spring. I also moved to a new city and started graduate school. Way to go me, future world leader! I think this year brought lots of excitement in many departments, pop culture wise we’ve seen the first year where humanity was completely ruled by youtube and facebook, at least that’s my impression. Dumb fuckheads (palin, bush, hilton, etc) dominated alongside bright hopefuls (nobel prize winners, Obamas of the world), fair and balanced :wink: I am happy QT finally decided to write another chapter of motion picture history and I am also happy how far this website has progressed, even though I don’t even see half the participation I see at the SWDB :wink: hint hint! Let’s go 2009, lets’ rock! I want hot women, money, health, sucess, good movies and lots of fun! Hey, if 2009 lives up to only half my expectations I might die a happy man!

Movies: Thank God for Coen Brothers…

Popular Culture: Obama, Sarah Palin, Nicola Sarkozy… Politics and Pop Culture couldn’t have been more related…

Personal Experiences: I got my first job and it’s really good :slight_smile:

Tarantino: Inglourious Basterds… Nothing less, nothing more. Simply the best news!

Decent year, A lot of entertaining movies came out this year, not many that I would consider classics, Ben Button, Milk and Frost/Nixon seem like the top of the heap IMO not to mention a great year for acting, some very touching and profound performances based on subtlety. Being Canadian, the Obama thing didn’t strike a cord in the same way, but the crumble of the economy was something to behold. I turned nineteen this year, here in Canada that means I can pretty much do anything, so it was a discovery year for me and a great year in my career as a filmmaker and screenwriter. Tarantino as always is never far from my thoughts, as one of my greatest influences he’s a constant inspiration for me, not to mention IB going into production after years of waiting, and my joining QTA.

2008 was mostly shite. The restaurant I ran closed, and I had to go work at another one, which is further away, and a shit-load more work, for the same pay. My kid was making B’s and C’s in school. My mum and my real dad are both real sick and dying. I did get to get a bit closer to my favourite actor ever, Nick Frost. He decided to trust me more with more personal stuff. Trust which I will never betray. Simon Pegg put me and some friends of mine on his personal guestlist for the Spaced Numb-a-thon, celebrating the US release of his TV series Spaced (also starring Nick Frost, and directed by Edgar Wright). I also got to have my first real vacation in years, and got to spend a lot of time with my friends that I never get to see.

In 2008, conservative republicans were subject to more scrutiny and disparaging remarks than any other year. We got blamed for the economic crisis that was caused by bills that all the democrats were in favour of. It was difficult to get along with certain people because they all-of-the-sudden became tried-and-true Obama supporters. Never mind the ample amount of uncontested negative facts stacked against the man. To all of you I say, congratulations, you got who you voted for, but I don’t think you’ll get what you wanted from him. Unless you wanted to become more like Europe. If that’s what you wanted, then yea for you.

As far as popular culture in 2008 goes, What can I say? I have to admit that I’m a bit lacking on input. I guess I can talk about TV. 30 Rock, It rocks. Bones came into it’s 3rd season, and I’m all for more David Boreanaz. So hott.

Movies were a bit lacking as well. The Dark Knight, Burn After Reading, Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Wall-E, Horton Hears a Who, High School Musical 3, the X-Files movie (big disappointment Chris Carter, you fuck!), How to Lose Friends and Alienate People… I enjoyed Zack and Miri more than any of the others. Fucking Kevin Awesomesauce Smith! I could probably come up with something better if I thought about it.

QUENTIN ‘08!!! Holy shit! QT announced in May that he had FINALLY finished the script for what we would come to know as IngloUrious BastErds! Fuckin’ A! He scouted his locations. He completed the casting process, with many surprises, and a few disappointments to some. He started and nearly finished shooting it! Quentin mothafuckin Tarantino gave us the BEST news of 2008!!! Totally made this year worth living!

What else was there? Oh yeah. Nick Frost filmed The Boat That Rocked… Which will be out in April '09! Go see it.

2008 was a very mixed year for me. I started the year sceptical of the future, unsure where I would be at the end of the year. Saying that, the year carried on where the previous one left off, I was having the time of my life at University - Gaming and shisha smoking everyday with my best friends, and I was getting really close to a girl that I think I was in love with. We would talk literally for up to 8-9 hours a day. I was loving it! However, then came April. For as much fun as I had at University I had to put in just as hard work. Lectures, Essays, Exams and Dissertation - hectic! Unfortunately, the same 2 month period that I had to play catch up with the academic side, I also became very ill, studying started to take it’s toll on me, friends were betraying me, my social life was diminishing, I was missing home but couldn’t travel back and to top it all off that girl decided to stop speaking to me all of a sudden and without warning DESPITE talking about (on many occasions) how that wouldn’t happen. I went into depression (as I’m often prone to) and everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. The worst 2-month period of my life, to date.

Fortunately I managed to get through it all, as when I put my mind to something, I make sure I fucking succeed! Things started picking up after I had the most fun I’ve ever had at a Roger Waters Concert. I saw him for the second time, and it was the last time he would ever perform The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety so it was a special occasion. My relationship with my brother started to become strong again after a few years where we stopped speaking to each other. I decided to be the bigger man and forget about the past, as I’m older it was my responsibility. Then came graduation in the summer, which was an even more momentous occasion. All that hard work paid off and I came out with a BSc degree in Psychology - the proudest day of my life. Summer was filled with BBQ’s and shisha with family and friends and I was starting to get over the girl. I decided to take an academic year out, finally got a job (against all odds) to help me pay for my University fees next year and finally started taking driving lessons. My relationship with my brother is as strong as ever. Things begin to look good…

Culture-wise, Facebook and You Tube did dominate as Seb mentioned. Social networking seems to be at it’s most popular. They both come with their strengths and weaknesses, personally I could live without Facebook but not You Tube!

Film-wise, I probably watched the least films in 2008 than any other year. Cinema was largely disappointing, except of course Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in the Dark Knight which was incredible. Unfortunately, Heath passed away before he got to see the tremendous critical praise he received and is still receiving. The best thing to happen was the revelation that Quentin Tarantino had finished writing the script for his legendary film - Inglourious Basterds. It’s a make or break time for his career after the financial flop his last film suffered as well as the negative critical reaction in many parts…

Here’s hoping 2009 delivers in more ways than one!!