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The Wild Bunch (2006)

They seem to be remaking everything these days, but remaking the The Wild Bunch WTF!?! give your opinion on this topic

My opinion is Hollywood is retarded. Why are they remaking this masterpiece? What are they going to bring to it other than a group of different less talented actors? My advice to the director is to A) walk away from the project and B) Have some fuckin respect for Sam Peckinpah, dont do some shitty remake so you can attach your name to Sam’s.

The first one made me sick, probably because I was eating chili while watching it. If hollywood remakes it, it will probably be pg13 and star a bunch of pansies.

how did it make you sick? theres ntohing sickening in it

I heard they’re not remaking it into a western, just a gangster flick with the same basic story

The scorpion in the beginning, the murder rampage robbery, rape, and the bloody finale.

haha well, we have a diffrent definition of sick then, violence and rape make you sick? what kind of a filmnut are you? :wink:

I heard they’re not remaking it into a western, just a gangster flick with the same basic story

That sounds pretty cool to me.

Theyre just doing a gangster film? Well, thats different. I’m not against that. We def dont need a Western remake of it tho.

looks like The Wild Bunch remake will not be out this year :frowning: maybe in 2007(I hope) even though I heard its gonna star Bruce Willis as pike

I read that it was gonna be modern but it was going to deal with illegal immigrants and Border Patrol agents…

I like the gangster idea better ;D ALthough they SHOULD NOT remake it.

I’m laughing at Weasel Co.'s post. He said he was eating chili while watching the original. Picture someone watching the big bloody climax while scarfing chili. Funny stuff, hahaha! :slight_smile:

Hopefully this remake will never happen, 'cause it’ll be another historical footnote joke like the Psycho redo! Leave it alone Hollywood, and stick with your comic book characters.