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"The Warlords" (Starring Jet Li)

Director Peter Chan has wrapped editing on “The Warlords” and has moved onto dubbing and music. The film stars Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jet Li (Chan reportedly saying that he was surprised by Li’s dramatic acting ability). I’m thinking some of you will already know about it, it was previously titled “The Blood Brothers” and is “loosely based” (Chan insists it is not a remake) on Chang Cheh’s film.

[i]Peter Chan wraps “Warlords”

Written by Clifford Coonan

Friday, 30 March 2007

BEIJING – Hong Kong helmer Peter Chan wrapped shooting on his $40-million epic

“The Warlordsâ€

Jet retired from making wuxia films, not martial arts films, nor action films.

For some reason I never found this project interesting. Although I liked Chan’s previous film

^ Agreed, although I haven’t seen Chan’s work. But there’s just too many of these historical/war epics. I’ve lost all interest in them.


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Still doesn’t seem too interesting… although seeing Kaneshiro, Li and Lau together is pretty cool.

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It looks interesting to me.

Now it’s looking a little better:

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