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The Tea Topic

Rate new tea you just tried and talk about your favorite flavor or weird combinations, what do like in your tea? Sugar or honey? Discuss away!

Also includes Ice tea

My favorite is Peach flavor (ice tea and normal tea) with one tea spoon of sugar

(not in the Ice Tea, uggh)


Jasmine & Mint


Im drinking Apple & Cinnamon tea right now… mmm… Delicious

strawberry, vanilla or plain black. i have 2 bits of sugar in my tea, or nothing at all.

How often do you drink tea? and how much? :slight_smile:

uhhhhm, about a BIG cup a day :stuck_out_tongue: either morning or evening.

oooh, mint tea is AWESOME too.

I dont like mint at all… not even chewing gum

Really funny, I’m drinking tea right now! haha. :o

I took another cup, but I switched to cherry tea :slight_smile:

haha yeah, i was drinking when i posted the first post.

[quote=“Bad Max”]
I dont like mint at all… not even chewing gum
aah, really? its awesome, tastes like my toothpaste ;D haha, and yeah, thats a good thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a tea addict.

Black is my favourite, I always need to have Earl Grey with me, quality stuff of course not what you get in your supermarket, then a brand of Indian, it’s always classic black, and definitely Chinese, some funny smelling one, like smoke or wet hay flavour or something, none of my guests ever want it, although it’s the best. So at least 3 kinds of black at minimum.

I take some of my parents’ green sometimes, it’s really great, it’s no bullshit that the second time you brew a cup using the smae leaves it’s THE BEST, it really is. I never use them for the third time though, although it’s possible. Jasmine green tea is my choice most of the time. You can mix green with black, simple flavoured black, it’s also good.

Then I drink Rooibos, anyone familiar with that, some African tea, perfect for nights. Never drink fruit tea, sometimes peppermint.

I am picky when it comes to tea, but I don’t discriminate bags like most of the wannabe “tea experts”. Bags are alright, I just don’t use them at home. NEVER.

Ok, cant say i’m that picky, not at all. that smoky is AWESOME tho. I love it! I use bags usually, mostly cus otherwise i spill half of it on the floor…

yeah, rooibos, pretty sure i’ve had that… we always have lots and lots of tea at home.

I use bags cus it’s easier and more hygienic…

We used to have lots of tea… gotta ask my dad to buy more :slight_smile:

I like just regular tea the most…but also cinnamon and this sounds gross…BUT try it: orange! :smiley:

I love UNSWEETENED tea. Do you realize the looks I get when I ask for my tea unsweet? Living in the South, unsweetened tea is a rarity.

True story: At lunch, in high school, I would have to go back into the cafeteria’s kitchen to get a glass of unsweet tea. The only thing they would serve is sweet tea, so I got the stuff that hadn’t been mixed yet. All the lunch ladies though I had diabetes…so I got to drink for free!

strawberry tea as we speak, yessir

I love very luch tea too, drink a lot (at least two times a day, and often more) and have a lot of different tea.

I love fruit tea, like peach, apple (try to the turkish apple flavor tea, the best !), raspberry, reed fruits, lemon, vanilla, currant. I like black tea if I use sugar, like Chinese tea. I like mint, jasmin, bergamot. And I got special mixture like German (or from Strasbourg) Christmas tea, Easter tea, summer tea.

I went to the Twinings shop in London, amazing. Mariages Frères in France (especially the shop in Paris) is amazing too. There are two really small tea cafés, hidden from the crowd, which looks more like an appartement (in fact it is an appartement) in the old roman town in my city (the old city is mixed to middle age architecture, XVth century, and all, really beautiful). I love going there, and have a nice and peaceful moment.

Let me be the first to say, I hate tea. Now where’s my coffee.

Ahah ! Well, I hate coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

strawberry tea as we speak, yessir
niice :wink:

Last time i had coffee i got very disappointed. It did NOT make me less tired and it did NOT take away my headache. So… fuck that.