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Groovy. i’ve already rewatched rushmore so i’m 1/3 of the way there.


anyone bother with this? watched the graduate a million times before as its one of my favourite movies so didnt need to rewatch it. watched the other 2.

I don’t know how anyone can class The Graduate & Rushmore as of a similar standard to Garden State.
Garden State is so annoyingly self conscious, theres no real characters in there its just a bunch of “cool” “quirky” scenes thrown together. Where as with Wes Anderson’s stuff, the plot and characters feed off each other masterfully creating a convincing world.


I don’t class Garden State in the same category as The Graduate and Rushmore. I did watch them, but I forgot that I stickied the topic. So I kind of just forgot about the discussion part.

Did everyone do it?


Sorry, guys, I was very busy this weekend but I’m all ready for the discusion. So the idea was not to class The Graduate in the same category of Garden State and Rushmore, which are both obviously comedy and quirky while The Graduate is not. Though you can guess the very important influence of Mike Nichols movie on them.

For example, in Rushmore, there’s again a young kid in love with an older woman, his teacher. Also a reference to Harold and Maude, where a boy is in love with an old lady. Though the relationship is kinda reversed cause it’s the boy in Rushmore who’s insisting to make the teacher fall in love, he’s not the victim in the couple.

Other remark : in Rushmore and in Garden State, the stories both take place in a rich suburb. In Garden State, Large comes back home, just like Benjamin. Though is a bad actor who tries desperate to earn his money and the other one is a brillant student, tired of the society, who wants to waste his time. Large is also tired of the society but not as desperate since he doesn’t spend his whole summer in the suburb, just three of four days. They both are apathetic and find the joy of living again with love. In Rushmore though, Max comes from a poor suburb and tries to get integrated in the rich suburb, he’s not apathetic at all, he’s all the opposite, he’s overactive, at the heads of several clubs and all. The idea of boredom is reversed by childish games pleasures and overactivity.

You can all make your remarks on movies. I hope people have watched them as planned or the discussion will be as much dead as before.


Never saw Garden State, but will make a note to see it now, just to compare the other two. LOVE Rushmore. And of course The Graduate is so worthy of watching again, and again.


Ok, see, we’re doing the same thing as before. First we were supposed to watch Lost in Translation, except one or two comments rather low-standard like “awesome movie blabla”, nobody started a real discussion while I tried to start an analysis. Again here, people were supposed to be excited for this new discussion thread and then again, except my post, nobody bothered to comment and analyse the movie.

What’s wrong with you, people ??


See, I was under the impression I’d have to watch The Graduate, Lost in Translation, Garden State, etc. all to partake. Way too much homework for me sister. This month, I have roughly 10 reviews to write and that means 10 movies to watch, just for one site that I write for. Aside from that, I like to at least write four reviews for my own site every month. So, if it takes me an hour to write every review, that’s 14 hours just in writing time with almost double that in actual viewing. That’s a work week worth of watching and writing about film. Doing that while also trying to work and earn money is a pain in the butt. So yeah, I try not to commit to a whole lot of writing when I already owe around 14,000 words on cinema for this one month. Not counting any interviews/articles I might commit to.

I did actually manage to check out Garden State though. I could post my thoughts if you’d like?

Personally, I think your best bet for keeping the idea alive is to set up one or maybe even two movies a month. Then, post in the thread once or twice a week just to keep the topic/idea fresh. Even if it’s just to set a reminder date. People can say they’ll commit to watching four movies in a week’s time, but actually doing that when each of us has a “to watch” pile that touches the ceiling, it’s a bit tough. That’s just my two cents though.


Oh yeah, don’t worry, I know yo’ure busy cause you do write lots of reviews but most of the users here who said they were in, didn’t even bother writing two lines. I think that even we set up only two movies for a month, it wouldn’t work much better cause the last dead line was three weeks ago now, I guess, and since that, nobody wrote more.


It’s frustrating, but I think the concept is good enough that it could be an interesting project. Maybe right now with the forum being as dead as it is, it could be a little trickier to get off the ground. However, I do think if you want to do it, simplifying things would make it a lot easier for other people to get involved. I might do a mini review for Garden State sometime soon (really pushing to finish these reviews before the end of the month) but I’ll make sure it’s past two lines for sure…


I would say let’s do movies in alphabetical order great idea by the way