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This sounds like it’ll be fun. So Garden State it is?


This would be a good idea if all the movies you guys wanted to watch werent GAY!!!


Okej, so let’s watch Gladiator, Braveheart and Spartacus instead. Hurray for cool films like those


Atleast I dont watch movies for fags like you do.


But hey, I’m homosexual! Are you single?


I always knew you were gay.


I don’t know Mr. Pink, all those movies have some very homoerotic undertones…

So it’s settled, Garden State?


Maybe we should look towards Livestream or something?

It would be a more communal experience than mere discussion after separate viewings. But then you’d have to get everyone together I guess.

My theory is that the half-naked men and homoerotic undertones of 80s action films like Commando and Predator contributed to their popularity.


Garden State eh? I’d be willing to contribute, as I’ve never seen the flick. I say you do this on a monthly basis though, as my schedule is always so packed. Had to review seven screeners this month and did like five or six movies just for my site. Always busy with writing, but I haven’t seen Garden State and everyone keeps recommending it. Wouldn’t mind writing some stuff out for it.


I thought we would watch all 3 of them?

And The Graduate first.

Lili said (see further up):


Awesome. I haven’t seen The Graduate in a while. Love that movie, one of the few movies I’d say is perfectly directed, if there could be such a thing.


Yeah, and you gotta love the Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack. One of the best for sure


No doubt. I actually have the record, wore a hole through it I listened so much. Found it dirt cheap at a cool little vinyl/cafe joint.


I’d go The Graduate and Rushmore for sure. I could watch Garden State again because I haven’t seen it in a while. I liked it, but nowhere near as much as The Graduate and Rushmore.<

I think everyone could find the time to watch them.

When people recommend or lend films to me that I don’t like, I say I didn’t have time to see them. Meanwhile I watched ten other films instead.


They should let artists make these kinds of soundtracks more often. Like, well let’s say like Eddie Vedder did for Into the Wild or Bob Dylan for Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid. Gives the film a completely different feel.


Or the last good one, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead for PTA’s There Will Be Blood.


Oh god the scores to both There Will Be Blood and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid are absolutely amazing.

Speaking of which I nominate Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid as our next pick. That bitchin’ directors cut is amazing. Movie doesn’t get nearly as much love as it deserves.


so what have we agreed on?


I believe The Graduate, Rushmore, and Garden State.


Perfect. For once, everybody agrees so let’s hope everybody will really watch the movies or at least contribute to the debate.

Let’s say we have a week to watch everything. The debate can start next monday, the 9th or something.