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The scar theory

Has anyone brought up the theory that the opening girls (Jungle Julia) were killed after Zoe and the other chicks. When Rosario kicks Stuntman Mike in the face explains his scar. And that because these girls fucked him up is why he continues to wreck havic on nice-booted woman across Texas.

I haven’t seen the unrated version yet so I don’t know if there’s anything that proves this wrong or right.

The scar is still present in the second part. So I will dismiss this theory as total bullshit. It is said however that Stuntman Mike got that scar from eating pussy. That’s what happens when you stick your face in too deep, too much suction.

Worst case reported in the US.

^Yeah, just ask Tony Montana. Happens all the time.

i heard he got it from eating pineapple.

i heard he got it from eating pineapple.


btw yes its been talked about before

Here is the other topic about this theory :wink:

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