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The Return of McKenas Cole

E! News reports that actor/writer/director Quentin Tarantino will be reprising his role as the evil rogue agent McKenas Cole on Alias.

Keep your ears and eyes open for airing dates!!


Wow, he was annoying. Cole’s dead, baby. He ain’t coming back. Especially if this is any indication.

[quote]Wow, he was annoying. Cole’s dead, baby. He ain’t coming back. Especially if this is any indication.[/quote]
What the fuck was that shit? He doesn’t even talk like that. How would that be any indication that he wont be back? And he was fucking awsome on Alias.

It was a joke, dude. And I thought he was annoying. Okay, and appropriately slimy, but annoying.

What? That monolougue he did in The Box Pt. II, was fucking amazing! (The one where he was talking to Jennifer Garner, about how he asked her out, and she shot him down).

“Now, I know that I’m not the suttlest guy when it comes to woman, and I probably said something-insanely innapropriate, because you told me, that if I ever talked to you again, you’d break my kneecaps”…

“I know you didn’t want to kiss me, but when I took a hit off that bottle, I backwashed. Like really, big time. See ya”.


Again, I didn’t say the writing was bad - I said QT grated.

I didn’t say anything about the writing, the way he acted that monolouge was awsome! The writitng was good too.

I liked when he said ‘I’ll be in the convah-sation room’ ;D

But yeah, how can he reprise his role? McKenas Cole died


But yeah, how can he reprise his role? McKenas Cole died[/quote]

Well, maybe it will be a prequel story. Or maybe McKenas somehow survived. Doesnt matter, its official, hes coming back so GET READY!!

I thought QT was really cool as McKenas Cole. He definitely is great at playing villains. I like when hes fighting Sidney and hes raggin on her. Funny stuff.

Subhuman: Shut the hell up you negative creep. Jeeez.

You’re right. What was I thinking, declaring Tarantino as anything less than a God in all aspects? My bad.

Give me a break.

lol…I think my name says enough…lol…

but sure if you didnt like him on alias thats cool with me…

Me personally I dont give a damn about his acting…I just love to see the man in as many things as possible…cuz I love his style in anything he does…

I agree that it’s exciting to see Tarantino’s name attached to something. But ToothpickVicVega seems to think that Tarantino is perfect in every way and his works are flawless masterpieces, which is bullshit. I mean, being an obsessed fan is one thing, but yeesh. At least recognize the flaws in his work, because they do exist. Even I’ll admit that Soderbergh has released some lackluster movies, although he’s my favorite director on the planet.

I never said QT was “perfect in every way” ya douchebag.

QTS movies are all masterpieces to me, so fuck you.

hey,McKenas Cole didn’t die.CIA handcuffed him, and that was all.or did I miss something?